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stuff found in ur unit

stuff found in ur unit
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whats some of the most interestin stuff found

Re: stuff found in ur unit
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whats some of the most interestin stuff found

Define "interesting" in "Weird", "Valuable", "Funny" etc...Different strokes for different folks.

Valuable: Cars, Bikes, Jewelry, Coins...Value means different things to diff people, that crappy old "Bennie Baby" may be the one that little old lady needs to "Complete" her "Collection", but is throwaway junk too me...the list keeps on and on.

Weird: Hoarder's units...some can be good and some can be bad!...that old "console stereo/tv"...why in the hell ppl keep those things is beyond me....we have never sold one for more than a dollar!!

         after 15 yrs of selling "by the piece"....there is a strange thing with the number know "they say things come in 3's and so on".....well It's true!. I'll give you a example:
   Aquariums, If I open a unit and see a Aquarium, I know that there will be at least 3 total come out of the the other units throughout the day...this applies too alot of things like: Kerosene Heaters, George Foreman Grills,

Funny:(Too me anyway)
Loads of porn in a "Preacher's" unit...."Pimp Daddy" clothes(you know them when you see them)...those "Polaroids" your wife "thought" you burned!!....then there was the unit that belonged to a woman with a "BoB" fetish...Found a locked tool box(no pun intended) full of them, and you should have see the look on the faces of the couple who bought it for 35.00 when they finally got it opened!!!



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