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Online Storage Auctions is a labor of love, and we hope that you love it too. We’ve built the largest and most technologically advanced storage auction website in the world, and we’ve made it available to storage facilities, tenants, auctioneers, private sellers and buyers. Our service is by far the most convenient way to buy or sell a self-storage unit.

Here are some of the amazing features our site has to offer.

  • online storage auctions

    No seller or cancellation fees

    Our service is completely free for storage facilities and private sellers. Unlike other auction sites, we don’t take a cut of your profits. Our site only facilitates the sale: Once your items are sold, the winning bidder will pay you, then clean out the storage unit.

    largest storage auction site

    Largest & most visited website is the largest site of its kind, with the most information and resources for storage auction enthusiasts worldwide. In addition to our unique online storage auction feature, we also offer an information-packed blog and the most active storage auction discussion forum on the web.

  • user dashboard

    Custom user dashboard

    After creating a profile, you’ll be able to sign into the site and use our custom user dashboard to navigate all of its features. The dashboard makes navigating a breeze, and the information that you need will always be at your fingertips.

    Mobile Friendly

    Buy and sell on the go

    Online Storage Auctions is dedicated to embracing modern technology. We know that your life is busy, and you can’t always afford to sit behind a desk, watching an auction unfold on your computer. That’s why our site is optimized for mobile devices, allowing you to check in on your auctions wherever you go.

  • United States Canada

    Serving United States & Canada

    Our website is open to buyers and sellers from anywhere in the U.S. and Canada, and our growing membership means that there are always new auctions being posted from many states and provinces so you can always find something close to home.

    Cross post auction

    Cross post auctions to your own website

    Planning on holding your storage auctions online? Get the word out by cross-posting the auction to your own website or blog. Our simple cut-and-paste widget makes it easy to list the auction anywhere you own space on the web.

  • zoom

    Advanced zoom feature

    Before you bid on a storage unit online, you need to know exactly what’s inside. Our advanced zoom feature makes seeing photos in great detail a snap. You can zoom in to any of our high-quality photos to spy details and carefully examine the contents of any unit before placing a bid. This feature allows you to get a better look at items than you’d have standing outside the unit with a flashlight!

    Feedback System

    Feedback system

    Any auction site is only as good as its members, and we take pains to ensure that our buyers and sellers conform to the best standards. Every transaction on the site has a feedback option, allowing both parties to weigh in on the experience. This allows you to see at a glance whether there are any problems with a buyer or seller before doing business with them, and it lets the users with the best reputation shine through.

  • Storage Auction Forum

    Largest storage auction community

    With more than 4,000 topics and 30,000 posts, the discussion forum at is the largest forum of its kind anywhere on the web. Storage auction enthusiasts and professionals from around the globe use this resource to share stories and advice as well as just socialize with others who share their interests in modern-day treasure-hunting.

    Messaging System

    Anonymous internal messaging system

    Have a question about a unit you see for sale? Need to get in contact with another member? You can utilize our internal messaging system to communicate freely with others on the site. All communications are handled anonymously, protecting your privacy as you navigate the site.

  • online

    Reserve bids, buy now & submit offer

    Different auctions require different sales styles and techniques, and we make it possible for you to customize your lots to suit your needs. You can post units with a reserve bid, ensuring that the sale won’t go through unless your reserve is met. You can also post a “buy it now” price for quick sale. If you’re not sure what to price a unit at, use our “make an offer” option and let your buyers price it for you.

    Storage Auctions

    Blog, reality show recaps and celebs

    The storage auction business wouldn’t be where it is today if it weren’t for the popularity of reality TV shows like Storage Wars capturing the attention of millions of viewers. At Online Storage Auctions, we stay up-to-date with the newest reality shows news, providing celebrity interviews and recaps of episodes as they air. We also offer a blog with valuable news about the storage auction business, as well as tips and tricks for newbies and professionals alike.