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Have a storage unit full of stuff you longer need?

Need to sell your stuff fast before the storage facility forecloses on your unit?

Bought a storage unit at auction and need to resell the stuff that you don’t want to keep?

All of these are great reasons to auction off your storage unit with Online Storage Auctions.

Many people discover that they no longer want or need the items they’re storing. Once your belongings have been out of sight for a while, you may realize that you don’t miss them as much as you thought you would. If you’re currently paying for monthly storage, you might be tempted to cut that cost from your budget and downsize a little. Not only can you save money on your monthly storage costs, you can also put some cash in your pocket.

Resale businesses and people looking to furnish their homes for cheap are always interested in buying second-hand items. You can cash in on the storage auction craze by putting your own items up for sale online through our online storage auction service. You don’t need to go through the hassles of setting up and advertising a yard sale just to get rid of your unwanted items. Instead, you can leave the work to us and collect on your profits after the unit’s contents have been sold.

Our service is free and easy to use. We simply need a description of the contents you’ll be selling and photographs of the unit. From there, we’ll list the unit alongside other storage unit sales in your area. Storage auction buyers from around the region will be able to see and bid on your items, and your unwanted furniture or other belongings can be sold to the highest bidder.

So instead of wasting money storing items you don’t need or want, consider putting them up for sale. It’s a fast, easy way to put some extra money in your pocket while getting rid of your unwanted belongings.

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  • I would like sell all my items in the storage . I’m really have a hard time . my itms are in very good condition. please contact me, to discuss a price to buy the entire storage. I have photos to send.

  • Have a storage full of good stuff for sale very cheap no junk or trash .need to get clear out by this week. So get a hold of me Dean. 8/22/15.

  • I have my household goods in a storage facility in Las Vegas. I would like to sell the contents. Can anyone give me an idea as to who I should contact?

  • Hi I have a storage with resturant equipment how do I go about Auctioning it? Its is full and I need to get rid of all of it ASAP! Please contact me to see how i go about auctioning the process.

  • I have 3-storages (10′ X 30″) of household items/furnishings including DVD’s and VHS’s with the components to go with them. Plus classical motion pictures music scores. Many more items that are not listed here. Excellent, for the Flea Marketeers.

    • Have you tried to sell your stuff on the website? If so, did you have any success in selling your stuff?

  • I have a entire garage full of very nice household things, I want it gone fast, I need to relocate to be with a ill relative, can someone help? Its located in Midland, MI

  • I have several storage units that are filled with items from the closing of a business. Contents include desk sets, brand new reception desk, 5 offies of furniture, conference room, phone system, comouters, etc. has to go, resale value of around $5-7,000. Make an offer.

    • Hi Jill! Try selling your storage full of collectable items on the website. Perhaps you may have some success. You’ll never know if you don’t try. We must utilize these online resources like this site, because it’s free and easy to use. I am going to give it a try. I hope my unit will sell on this site. I’ll keep you posted with the results to give you hope and keep everyone else who posted a comment motivated.

  • I have several storage units that are filled with household items to fill a 4,000 square foot house- living room, dining, bedroom furniture, kitchen items, fixtures, TVs, holiday decorations, tools, workout equipment, everything must go. Make an offer.

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