Auctioneers offers a truly ORIGINAL and REVOLUTIONARY approach to online storage auctions for Buyers, Sellers, and Auctioneers. While other sites are profit-driven, we are a completely free service whose only goal is to improve the way that storage auctions are held on the Internet.

We don’t take a commission on the sales we broker, nor do we try to cut out the Auctioneers the way our competitors do.

If you’re an Auctioneer, you can use our service to list storage units you want to sell. We accept sales from private sellers, storage facilities, and auctioneers alike.


Listing an auction on is always FREE.

Once you’ve submitted the storage units that are up for sale, we’ll advertise them on major auction sites like:

  • Auction Zip
  • Storage Auction Forums
  • Storage Unit Auction List
  • Texas Storage Auction Schedules & News
  • California Storage Auction News
  • Craigslist

This will ensure that your auction gets the most exposure as possible.

If you’re holding the auction in a state where online storage auctions are allowed, this is all you need to do. Once the unit has been purchased, you simply need to collect your fee from the storage facility. If your state still requires you to hold a live auction, you can use the online auction as a “supplement” to the live auction at the facility.

Just schedule the online auction to end one hour before the live auction begins. You can then start the the live auction with the highest online bids. If no one bids at the live sale, the highest online bidder wins. If someone at the live sale places a higher bid, just handle business as usual.

Most of the serious bidders will place their bids online rather than in person. This will reduce the number of attendees at your auction and help save time. With smaller crowds, you don’t have to waste time waiting for people to look at a locker they may not want to buy. The online bidding process streamlines auctions and makes it much more efficient for buyers and sellers alike.

Finally, it’s no surprise that tend to earn HIGHER BIDS than those held in person. Online bidders have more time to research the units, and sellers can craft their lots in a way that will pique a bidder’s interest. On average, a virtual storage auction earns from 25-100% more than if it were held in person only.

This means that you can earn more money for the storage facility and, of course, put a higher fee in your own pocket.

Other online storage auction sites cut Auctioneers out of the process – we will NEVER do that. recognizes that the auction business is changing, however Auctioneers are a necessary and central part of that change. We invite YOU to participate and make it easy for you to MAXIMIZE your efficiency and earnings.

We have a new feature which allows you to host auctions on your own website by copying and pasting a simple code.

Join us to help usher in the NEW WAVE of the FUTURE of VIRTUAL SELF-STORAGE AUCTIONS!

Have a question about selling your storage unit? Ask it on our forum – Click Here.

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