With the surge in interest in storage auctions, it makes sense that savvy buyers would use technology to improve their experience.

“Online auctions are more convenient than their in-person counterparts which allows buyers to bid on a wider array of units than ever before possible.”

For people looking to maximize their potential resale profits in the most efficient way imaginable, online storage auctions are indispensable. Here are the benefits of online auctions:

  • You can attend multiple auctions at once. Before online auctions a buyer was limited to live auctions within their area. Travel to multiple auctions wasting time and gas if the units were not high-quality. Present technology allows you to focus your attention on what really matters – bid on the units that can generate the most resell income for your business.
  •  You don’t have to travel with large quantities of cash in your pocket. Purchases are made securely over the Internet. Since other buyers won’t know how much money you’re carrying or what else you might want to bid on; the competition won’t try to run up the auction.
  • Auctions move quickly and smoothly. You do not need to stand in bad climates or squeeze through crowds to peek at the contents of a unit. You’ll have more time to research the units without the rush.
  • You can bid from the comfort of your home. This allows you the ability to multitask from prepping your merchandise for resell, listing items online, to actually running your business full-time.
  • High-quality photographs on auctions listed online saves time. With live auctions you must wait until the lock is broken and the doors open to see if the unit has value.  Auctions hosted online have clear images of merchandise within the unit which allows you to focus your energies on lockers that you believe you can profit thereby.
  • No fees! With live auctions you might need to pay a fee to the auctioneer which would be taken out of your winning bid or some auctioneers charge a fee at end of auction. Other online auction sites even charge a 10% fee to the buyer for using their services. SERVICES are completely FREE!

That leaves more money in your pocket to use on more auctions in the future!

Online auctions are fast, affordable and convenient. Rather than to waste your time and energy commuting all over town; simply place your bids online and collect your units at your convenience.

Online auctions are the future of the storage business and mastering them now will give you a competitive advantage over other resellers.