Online Storage Auctions

Norwood Massachusetts

Unit is filled with couches, china cabinet, dining table with six dining chairs, a grandfather clock, desks, I believe a dresser as well as various other appliances/fabrics/clothing

Springfield Missouri

ebay inventory: Denim, Clothes, Shoes, Toys, Antique Wheelchair, Vintage LP’s, Coats, boxes of new items, too many items to list. Hundreds of items. Some furniture, pictures.

Phoenix Arizona 10×25 $5,000+ value

Vintage 6 chair Dinning table, vintage furniture, clothing, NBA NFL Hats, Nike Air Jordans, Wii, Video games, Tools, Hot Wheels, Dressers full of clothes, Chairs, Toys, Kitchen appliances, large mirrors, Cookware, dishes, TV, Electronics, books and more.
Estimated Value: $5,000-$10,000
You may leave behind any items you do not want.

Hunters Paradise

Highly sought after popular hunting brands and accessories. Most Items are still in their original packaging, and some of the items need to be assembled. We have multiples of each item so the auction is going to be a generous sized one for whoever wins in the end!

Richmond Hill Ontario

Contents for Sale due to closing Antique store due to illness. Combination of furniture, pictures, tapestries, and high end antiques.
Available for review before sale.