Online Storage Auctions

Atascadero California

1 full house of furniture most antique. Desks and entertainment centers, beautiful bedroom set. Baseball cards many unopened. Collector nick nacks, lots of brass and crystal.China dish sets

Bayonne New Jersey

Stainless steel coating fridge, select comfort full size bed, beige couch. With two recliner on each side, random dvds, night stand, toolbox radio and CD player, shoes,

300 “Roombas” in storage unit

storage contains approx 300 Moneual Robot Cleaners MR6550 (similar to Roomba) units. These are all working open box returns. They currently for approx $250 each retail. Need to sell contents ASAP!

Rancho Mirage California

Household items, antiques and traditional Oil Paintings. My husband and I were downsizing from a 3000 sq ft 3 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom condo when in the middle of the night he left and filed for divorce. I got everything in storage and now cant do anything with it. I need to move back home to accept a job and sell this stuff now. So my dogs and I can move on. All offers considered. Thank you.

Orland Park Illinois

Going Out of Business Kitchen Supplier Manufacturer.

10,000 American Made Anodized Aluminum FoodKracker Combo Sets, retail for $19.95 each, all boxed

36inch diameter TPI Industrial Fan

Work Table

Pallet Jack

Sale Maker Auctions – Test Auction Brentwood California

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