Why do you pay Seller’s & Buyer’s Fees for Storage Auctions when you don’t have to?

Who are we?

Online Storage Auctions.

Our CEO is a true-blue, turn-trash-to-profit, real-life, professional storage auction buyer. He enjoys reading (not really), long walks on the beach (not really), and is the life of the party (seriously, not really). When not staring blankly into the computer screen conceptualizing his next venture; he is out buying storage units and selling merchandise for a whopping profit.

Storage Auctions is the Passion!

Online Storage Auctions’ intent is to share this passion. You do not need to leave the comfort of your home or office to sell or buy storage units. However, we have created a venue where you can also list and buy anywhere at anytime.

We offer our services for FREE from ALL FEES to bring storage facilities, auctioneers, private sellers, and buyers into a safe, hassle-free environment.

More about us:

  • Most visited storage auction website on the planet
  • Largest storage auction forum anywhere
  • Most interviews with your favorite storage auction celebrities on the web
  • Largest selection of How-To blogs on storage auctions
  • Most entertainment blogs and recaps of your favorite storage auction shows

Who are we?

#1 Storage Auction Media in the WORLD!

Our mission is to assist storage facilities, auctioneers, and private sellers to get Top Dollar for their storage units. For buyers, we created this channel to relieve you from long travels, bad weather, large crowds, and the pure frustrations that derive from storage auctions.

We would like to enhance the experience of selling and buying storage units for everyone. For more information, please email us at [email protected].

  • Sell with zero listing fees and make top dollar
  • Buy with zero buyer’s fees and turn merchandise into profit

Who are we?

Profit Makers who don’t charge a dime for our services because this is our Passion!

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