Black/Leather Futon, Office Chair, Glass office table, Black and Decker mini fridge

Hello everyone.

I am very excited to finally get rid of some stuff from my storage because of my recent offer to travel to London to study theatre. I will have no reason to keep any of these items and happy to sell them to someone who may find them very useful. I have owned these items for the past six months and all have been taken care of and in very good condition.

The pictures were taken two days ago at my storage unit in North Bergen, NJ.

The contents of which I am selling inside my storage unit are:

A leather/black futon couch with double arm rests and foldable top (very good condition).

A leather/black double arm rest computer chair with wheels (very good condition).

A flat computer desk with glass top (Very good condition).

A black mid size refrigerator (very good condition).

Serious bids only.

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