Goleta California

-MANY ‘New-in-Box’ Items: Electronics- (ie: High-end camera, Koss 520 watt digital video/audio system, Panasonic DVD recorder, Phillips stereo system, more stereo systems, turntables, copy machines, faxes, scanners, Sharp fax/phone/copier, Xerox ‘work center’ etc), Home- (THREE ‘black leather’ comfort Ottoman/Seats, TWO ‘stand-up’ 2ft x 2.5ft fire-places, ‘5-Light’ Chandelier, 3 piece ‘First Alert’ smoke/fire detectors, TWO ‘4-Light’ Bath Bars, & MORE), Kitchen/Dinning- (pyrex & glass-ware sets, cookware, rotisserie, culinary set, ‘In-Door Counter-Top’ BBQ grill, TEN piece ‘freeze/heat’ service set, etc), Outdoor/Yard- (plastic outdoor Sink/Cabinet set-up, TWO ‘Tiered’ Waterfall Fountains, small/portable Outdoor BBQ grill, TWO new 100ft garden hoses), Other- (ie: ‘6-in-1’ Casino game-set, Many new ‘blank’ DVDs & Compact Discs, Couple Boxes 2000 paper towels, Couple Cases 5000 sheets copy paper, TWO cases 12qts ea 10-40w motor oil, ‘Industrial’ Fire-Extinguisher). ALOT of X-Mas items: like; one Large/one Smaller X-mas Trees, Decorations/Lights, etc).

-***AND THERE ARE STILL MANY MORE NEW ITEMS, OR ITEMS NOT IN BOXES, not mentioned here- (though some are: Wok, Box of 100 ‘9oz’ plastic tumblers, ‘POLO’ Travel-Bag, Roller-Skates, TWO ‘Katana TYPE’ Swords- One Long/One Medium length, Four Signed Footballs, MANY Stuffed ‘Doll’/X-Mas type items).

-***ALSO; are More Items ‘Under Other Boxes’ & ‘In Back of Unit’ can’t get to, to check what are!

-(There are things in boxes that can be tossed away).

-***Think__ABOVE__Mentioned__Items__Alone__Likely__OVER___**$2.5k(+)**___IN VALUE— ***(MY guess)


**********ENDING SELL AFTERNOON OF WED MAY 24th !!!**********

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