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This site is a labor of love and we hope that you love it too. We’ve invested a small fortune and thousands of hours of our time into developing the world’s largest and most technologically advanced storage auction website. Best of all, we made it completely free for everyone to use. However, running a site like this is expensive and the more successful we become, the more expenses we have.

Many of our members ask us, “How do you keep the site up and running?” The answer: We rely on our members (that’s you!) to support our growing community. If you would like to give back, here are some ways you can help:

  • donating

  • advertising with us

  • recommending us to your friends and associates

  • linking to us from your website

  • joining us on Facebook, Google Plus & Twitter

  • contributing content to our blog and community forum

If everyone just does a little and contributes what they can, then we all benefit. So, if you’re able to, please considering supporting our community.

You can donate using any major credit card or from your PayPal account. 100% of the proceeds go toward improving our community. Thank you for your generous support.




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