Auction Hunters: Pawn Edition: Ton Walks Out on Allen – I’m Done!

TonCllinton-White-Bread-Truck-AH-4-13Auction Hunters: Pawn Edition: Season 4, Episode 13: “The Fall Guys.”

Every partnership at one time or another may experience a rift in the relationship. Communication and comprise usually mends misunderstandings.

Allen and Ton experienced an explosive amount of undercurrent of tension during this episode.

Off to Reseda, California for the next storage auction. Haff-Ton team spotted hot, blonde Carolyn Giannelli. Allen was curious to know out what happened to the  ’68 Vette he sold to Carolyn on the last episode. Nonchalant, she replied she got almost double for the Vette.

Allen’s face fell with utter disappointed. He stated he would not have sold the Vette if he knew she was going to resell it and walked off. Carolyn enjoyed messing with Allen. She didn’t sell the Vette.

Carolyn: I’m blonde. I’m not stupid.

First unit up for auction was jammed with antique furniture, horse gear, saddles and boxes. Ton did not like the unit. Stated it was vintage badass. Hold on just a second. Doesn’t their pawn shop logo read, “Badass Vintage Stuff.” I didn’t get it. Neither did Allen.

A bidding war erupted again.  Blonde vs. blonde. Allen went over his agreed limit with Ton. Didn’t matter because Carolyn won the unit for $1,700. Ton’s upset. Allen’s upset.

Allen: See? You’re holding us back. See?
Ton: You just went above your own number.
Allen: And you just kept us from money.

They need couple’s therapy.

Second unit obviously belonged to someone in the entertainment industry. High fall stunt bag, two wind blowers, file cabinets labeled “television” were indicators. Haff-Ton team agreed on $3,000.

Carolyn and Ton went bald-to-hair on this bid war. He reached his agreed limit. She jumped to $3,600. Ton defeated but then shouted: $4,000. Allen was upset but supported the decision, for the moment.

The Auction Hunters team rummaged through the unit to recoup their money. It appeared that the high fall bag and blowers would get them out of the hole. Ton immediately found a buyer. Joe, a professional stuntman stated it was a Lifepak used in late 80s early 90s for fire rescue. Allen agreed to test it by falling off a building onto the stunt bag.

Time out!!!

Do you really think Allen would climb the roof of a second story building and fall onto a stunt bag? Camera angles did not show a close-up of Allen’s face. Also, the person who fell off the building clearly had thicker legs than Allen.

That ladies and gentlemen was a true Hollywood stunt.

Haff-Ton team sold the high fall bag and blowers to Joe but suffered a loss on the storage unit. Allen had given Ton a hard time throughout the entire day and finally at the end they both snapped.

Ton: Why are you all pissed off now?
Allen: You’re behaving like a pretty terrible partner. You know that?
Ton: Really?
Allen: Yeah. And becoming an increasingly lousy friend.


Ton slammed the door of the bread truck and walked away. Back at the pawn shop Allen discovered that Ton took all the weapons and half the money in the cash register.

Auction Total:

Bought: $4,000
Sold: $3,500
Loss: -$500 and possibly a partnership

Do you think this is the end of the Haff-Ton team? Would you prefer to see Allen team up with Carolyn?

Please leave your creative opinions in the comment box below.

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    • kristi – I do agree the two guys are a team, but Carolyn I think added something to show that was definitely needed, a little spice.

  • I thing you guys should have kept that Gatling battery gun that was way cool and you sold it for way to cheap. Nobody sells a live fire cart rage model Gatling gun for $3,300.00

    • Steve – Pretty much on this show everything is a “quick” sell. In the real world of auction hunting that Gatling gun would have went for a whole lot more. Remember that this show is focused more on entertainment reality than reality.

  • Get rid of the Carolyn, she’s a ‘marriage’ breaker, makes everything broken and then has a good laugh over it.
    Sick little spoiled girl.
    Keep in mind that she’s a mother with a child, Allen may think he’s got a chance on something, but eventually he’s dead wrong.
    Those guys have to ignore her, while she’s the reason things get out of control.
    Get together again, don’t make excuses to each other, have some rest and try to pick up the business of Auction Hunting.
    Also re-arrange the Pawn Shop, if it’s a shop where people have to live off, change the staff, get rid of Big Sis and put someone in charge who knows his or her stuff. This Big Sis is a joke and comedian, not suited for a shop.

    • John – Carolyn makes an interesting addition and is in no way out to break up Allen or Ton. Please keep in mind that on both Allen’s and Ton’s IMdb credits they don’t list each other in their bio, which means they never worked together until this show. Pawn shop also is not a true pawn shop, but a way to add more “characters” to the reality show. Keep in mind this show is more fake reality entertainment. It’s not real.

  • No way should the team split. .. there the reason we all enjoy the show but I agree with most that Catolyn brings something to the show. … please guys work out your differences

    Good luck
    A huge fan

    • Wayne – I believe that entire episode was “staged” to make it appear the two had a rift. Remember, both Ton and Allen are “actors” and they are “hosting” a reality show. As long as the ratings are there, they show will continue on the air.

  • I’m not so sure they will be back, I haven’t even seen old episodes lately. I say ditch the female and get back to business. Auction Hunters didn’t need spice, if it’s spice you want go to the pay per view channels. This is an auction show !! The guys are great and if got the impression they were great partners until the spice came along. I hope they come back soon, the other auction shows are so hollywood.

  • Ellen – Carolyn is just one who makes a guest appearance. Not the same as the pawn shop crew who pretty much are in every episode.

  • Even though I think the whole show is staged, I’m still a huge fan. I just go with it. I guarantee you Carolyn is still on the networks payroll, they need ratings and unfortunately 10 suits are probably pulling all the strings. Also in Storage Wars, Dave Hestor left the show because of too much salting, this means items are planted into lockers so they have something to appraise in the last 10 min of the show. Personally if I had something worth 10 k in a storage locker and couldn’t pay the bill, I’d pull that item out and everything else worth anything. Or if you have a 10 k item, what’s it doing in a SL? Or, why not sell your 10 k item and pay the bill, beats loosing all your stuff. Love the guys, the Brazilian chick in the shop is spankin’ hot! German guy and Big Sis are mad funny. I’ve watched the show from the start, seems like they made more cash before the shop opened? Hmmm?

    • Andre, from what we’re told, the Haff Ton Pawn Shop is just a front. People have claimed to have visited the shop during normal business hours and not only was it closed but the sign had been removed. I think the producers of Auction Hunters were trying to capitalize on the popularity of Pawn Stars.

    • Andre, all these storage auction shows are at least half staged. Mainly completely staged. While watching them, look around at the other lockers on the “set” I have seen two units up for auction with the identical locker number – one right after the other. If you have ever been to one of these auctions, you will find that it is extremely rare for two units to be close together. In the 15+ years we have been going to these auctions, we have only seen that once and both units were “lost” by the same person. These shows are so far out from real, that I had to stop watching them. Totally unreal.

      As an added mention, these shows have put quite a few second hand dealers out of business. The units that used to sell for $200 – $300, now sell for $2000 – $3000 or more. Much more than one could possibly sell ALL the contents for.

      Question for the production company. We never see Allen or Ton cleaning out the locker. Every auction we have gone to, and there are many, requires the buyer to leave the unit “broom clean” and not use the facility’s dumpsters, etc. I guess Allen and Ton are too good to do things like that.

  • Hell no!!!

    Get rid of the skinny blonde. Typical dumb blonde. I can say that, I’m blonde but not dumb. I loved the show and some stupid girl is leading some around by their man hood! Hope the guy get back together, so good at what they do.

    • Terri – The show is more scripted than “reality” so the blonde can only play the “part” they give her. The two main characters are the show, so no worries.

  • I love the show with just Allen &Ton. I don”t like when the shows change things, it takes away from the show as we like it. It does not make the show better. Please put Allen & Ton back together.

    • Sue – I don’t think you have to worry about Ton and Allen not being partners. That was what appeared to be “scripted reality.” As long as the show keeps its ratings and contracts are signed, the two actors will return.

  • No, I don’t want to see Allen & Ton split up. They have a good partnership, would appear to be good friends and are entertaining. It would be a shame for them personally and for us, the viewers. As for Carolyn, she is smart. I like her. However, they don’t need her and it would probably mean a three way split instead of two. Overall, partnering with her would cost them a lot of money. So, they will lose some of the units to her. So be it. It doesn’t mean they should partner with her.

    • babyboomer – No fear. I believe the duo will not split up, but Carolyn does add a little spice to the mix, you must admit!

  • I agree January is a long time to wait should at least run rerun some of the old shows and I mean the older ones not the dumb ones with the pawn shop

    • ronv – I agree the “Pawn Shop Edition” did not move the series into a better story, in fact, it might have hurt the series. Don’t know on the ratings.

  • Hi

    I’m in England, and I like Auction Hunters, I think Ton is great, but Allen is a pain in the arse, does he have to be so loud, he’s got a right gob on him, he should learn to tone it down, all this whooping and yelling, it gives some Americans a bad image.

    • Jeff: Keep in mind they are both “actors” who host the show. It’s not real, so one has to play good cop and the other play bad cop, otherwise there would be no drama.

  • El tal Allen es un poco bobo… se comporta como un heroe de acción, pero, por dios, si sólo es un comprador de objetos usados!

    • radarr6: Allen es la razón por la cual el programa es tan popular, por lo que de vez en cuando le hacen actuar horrible, sólo para dar al público algo de que hablar.

  • Nobody would sell a model 1862 45 long colt Battery Gun Company Gatling Gun for $3,300.00 that’s $2,000.00 below the fair market value and they are rarely offered for sale.

    • Steve: Exactly, which is why the consensus believe the show is fake reality. It’s entertaining and fun, but don’t believe everything you see.

  • Andre is right the Brazilian is way hot! Watching the episode right now when Ton walks out.
    I love the show, will have to watch tonight and see where it goes.
    Hoping the Brazilian was more of a roll!

  • i live in uk and watch hunter auction show most time and allen and ton bring good show and the way they do auction bid its make the show so good, may i say the money comes and go but to find good friend hard to find


  • I like auction hunters, I have definitely noticed that they made a lot more money before they had the shop and I don’t think the sister should of come on the show either,

    I was wondering what happened to the blonde, anyway when did the episode run? I live in australia. I have not seen that one yet.

    Sorry off topic now has anyone heard any more updates on Jeremy Clarkson being suspended and top gear going off air? I enjoy top gear 🙂

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