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Storage Wars: Interview with Dave Hester

Where is Dave Hester now?

Was Dave misunderstood and wrongfully portrayed as a villain on Storage Wars? Or is what-you-see-is-what-you-get?

Travis Lane, owner of, had a long conversation with Dave Hester on the phone. What baffled Travis was despite the arrogant veneer displayed on Storage Wars, Dave really sounded like a nice guy.

Is that so hard to imagine?

Dave Hester revealed his love for family, his charity work, and how he enjoys fishing now that he’s semi-retired.

Sounds like a normal guy, but we’ll let you decide.

Dave Hester Interview

Q: Can you remember the first time you said, “Yuuup” at auction?Dave-Hester-Yuup

A. I used to be a bid catcher at an auction house about 25 years ago. I used the YUUUP! yell so the auctioneer would know I had a bidder.

Q: When people recognize you, do they yell out “Yuuup!?”

A: Every day – All day.

Q: How does it make you feel knowing you are the only cast member on Storage Wars to have created a “brand” for yourself?

A: The other cast members can’t even tie their shoes let alone brand themselves.

 Slap! Dave is still the same character who called his cast mates “Pukes.”

Q: You bought your first storage unit near thirty years ago, can you remember how much you paid or made off the unit?

A: I just remember that I made good money and I was hooked.

Q: Do you miss owning your own thrift store now that you’ve closed Rags to Dave-Hester-Rags-To-Riches-Store-SignRiches?

A: Sometimes I miss it, sometimes I don’t.

Q: Do you plan on owning another thrift store or is that in the past?

A: Never say never.

Q: What happened to the warehouse you rented?

A: I still have my Warehouse and still buy storage units.

What you may not know about Dave is that he really is a family man and enjoys spending time with his “2 pugs” (kids) as well as how much he loves to go fishing. His father was a great influence in his life. One of the most touching moments about Dave on Storage Wars was when he spoke of his late father and his father’s train collection.

Q: Will Dave Jr. follow in your footsteps as an auction hunter?Dave-Hester-with-DaveJr.-Storage-Wars

A: He is more of an I. T. guy.

Q: Did you keep any piece of your father’s train collection for yourself?

A: Yes I kept some of his trains. I was raised around a house full of Lionel Trains, so when I see them it brings back good memories.

Q: Do you personally have a collection of some kind?

A: I collect money.

 Come on, you gotta love that answer. It’s sooo Dave Hester, “The Mogul!”

Q: How do you spend down time with your family?

A: I like to spend time in Alaska fishing and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I work hard to play hard. There is nothing more rewarding than family and friends fishing.

Dave is not only a storage hunter but has been an auctioneer for at least two decades. Check out his website Dave’s auctioneer services include storage auctions, abandoned personal property, commercial/industrial & liquidation, estate auctions, special events, and charity auctions. You can call toll free for more information at 1-855-HEY-DAVE.

Q: Can you remember your very first time as an auctioneer?Dave-Hester-Storage-Wars-Auctioneer

A: Over 20 years ago I just got up on an Auction Block and started selling.

Q: How far in advance should someone try to book you as an auctioneer?

A: The more time we have the better.

Q: When you auction off storage units now that you’re off the show, does it feel surreal to you as the auctioneer not the buyer, and do memories of the TV show come flooding back?

A: It’s hard not to bid when I see a good unit & no I don’t think about the show.

Not only is Dave Hester an auction hunter and auctioneer, but he’s also a humanitarian. He’s been involved in charity auctions for just as long as he’s been in the storage auction business. Dave auctioneers at as many charity events.

Q: Which is your favorite charity?St-Jude-Logo

A: I have been donating to St. Jude’s Children Hospital for over 20 years. Last year in Texas I was the auctioneer for a fundraiser for St. Jude’s Children Hospital. I worked with Eric Trump, Bret Michaels and JT Fox. We raised over a ½ million dollars in 2 hours.

Family man, storage hunter, auctioneer, humanitarian… what hasn’t Dave Hester done?

Q: Do you have any aspirations or a bucket list of things you’d still like to accomplish?

A: I have been lucky enough to already have completed my bucket list. Anything and anywhere I wanted to go and do I have done already. All around the world. The rest of the ride is just gravy.

He’s done it all, almost. Dave Hester’s about to become a published author. He wrote a book. It’s currently “untitled.”  The book will be released by September 13, 2013 and will be available in paper and e-book and sold on Amazon and on his website. Dave expressed to Travis Lane what his book was about via telephone.

Q: What is your book about?

A: It’s a “How To” book for newcomers in the storage auction business that would include advice from my decades of experience buying storage units, auctioneering, running a consignment store and thrift store and buying furniture from liquidators.

If you like his brand “Yuuup,” you may buy products through his website or directly through this link: T-shirts for men, women, and children are available. As well as hats, mugs, and even an autograph photo of Dave kissing money!

Q: Which is the hottest selling item right now on your website store?Dave-Hester-Yuup-Hat

A: Hats.

Q: You’re time on the show garnered you a degree of fame, is that a good thing or does it interfere with your personal life?

A: There is good and bad in everything.

Q: If you could change something from your time spent on Storage Wars, what would it be?

A: Not to have spent time on Storage Wars. That’s as much as I can say at this time.

Q: Why do you feel you were portrayed as a villain on Storage Wars?

A: Ratings.

Q: If there is one thing people may misunderstand about you the man, Dave Hester, what would that be?

A: To know me is to love me.Storage-Wars-DaveHester-TheMogul

Q: Is there something about you that would surprise people?

A:   I’m a great Guy.

At least he stays true to his character!

Q: Would you consider being a part of another reality TV show if offered or are you done?

A: I’m probably done.

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years?

A: At this time I am going to get on the commission side of the business as the auctioneer for storage facilities and moving and storage companies. I am already semi-retired. Just staying busy fishing, auctioneering and writing e-books about my business experience.

Q: How do want to be remembered when all is said and done?

A: The man who spoke the truth.

Dave Hester will always be synonymous with Storage Wars regardless of which cast members stay or go. You either loved him or hated him with almost no shades of grey in between.

So, where is Dave Hester now?

When not buying or selling storage units, you will most likely find him auctioneering in California or on a boat fishing, having the time of his life.

What do you think of Dave Hester and his time on Storage Wars? Do you think he will be successful as a storage auctioneer?

Leave your interesting and creative responses in the comment box below.

2-Ingreditent DIY Beauty Products

hair-maskSome of us shy away from do-it-yourself projects because of cost of supplies. Sort of defeats the purpose of saving money if you’re having to spend a lot of money. What if you only had to use two items to make your own unique DIY beauty project? That perk your interest? You may already have the ingredients at home.

1. Body Scrub



1. 1 cup sugar or sea salt – large or small grain
2. 1/2 cup of your favorite oil – almond, olive, jojoba, or coconut


Stir together the oil and sugar or sea salt until combined. You can gradually add additional sugar or sea salt until the scrub has a consistency you like.

2. Dry Shampoo


1. 1/2 cup arrowroot powder
2. 1 tablespoon cocoa powder (adjust according to hair color)


Mix. Apply small amounts. Comb and tussle hair.

3. Self Tanner


1. Bronzer powder
2. Oil


1. Break up the bronzer powder until it is free of clumps.  I found the baby spoon to work perfectly.
2. Slowly add the oil, stirring constantly to incorporate the powder.
3. Continue adding oil until the color looks right. Try it out on your arm or leg to test. Too little oil and it will be streaky.
4. Carefully pour into a container and use.

4. Lavender Bath Salts


1. 1/2 cup of epsom salt
2. 10 drops of Young Living lavender essential oil


Stir or mix to combine then and store in a sealed glass jar.

5. Lip Gloss


1. Coconut Oil
2. Crayola Crayons (only works with this brand)


1. Remove the wrappers from the crayons.
2. Cut or break the crayons into 4 even-ish pieces.
3. Put your jar (for the lip gloss) in the center of a pot and add water to the pot, but do not add water inside the jar.
4. Add about a teaspoon of coconut oil to the jar and put the pot on the stove.
5. Warm it up slowly, low-medium heat.
6. Once the coconut oil has melted all the way, add your crayon.

Note: If you add too much crayon the lipstick will be a little dry. If you don’t have enough crayon, the lipstick will be too sheer and glossier.

6. Moisturizing Hair Treatment



1. 2 tablespoons of honey. Honey is a natural humectant which is a natural substance that attracts and helps retain moisture.
2. 1 medium-sized avocado. Avocados are rich in unsaturated oils, nutrient-dense, and provides a ton of moisture.


1. Take a medium-sized avocado and mash until smooth.
2. Add in 2 tablespoons of honey and mix well.
3. Apply to dry or slightly damp hair and leave on for 15-20 minutes.
4. Rinse well and follow with shampoo and conditioner if desired.

Which beauty DIY will you try?

Please leave your creative thoughts in the comment box below.

Clever Space Saving Products

toilet-sinkYou live in a small house, apartment, or condo, then space is valuable. Careful to buy products that don’t take up too much room or at least have multiple purposes. Try a few of these space-saving products for size.

1. Magnetic Ironing Mat

magnetic-iron-matYou can find this product on Amazon for less than $15! Heavy duty magnets on each side of quilted ironing mat cling to metal surface for a secure hold as you iron. Quilted cotton with built-in heat shield. Dryer top ironing pad rolls up or folds to store in a closet.

2. Adjustable Pet Bowls

pet-bowlsA bit pricey at $44.99 at Dexus. Detachable, collapsible bowls wash clean in the dishwasher. Entire feeder collapses for easy storage.

3. Folding Chair

folding-chairUnsure of the price, but you can find this unique chair at Folditure. You can have a party and then store these chairs out of sight.

4. Mini Measuring Cup

measuring-cupMiles Kimbell sells this handy kitchen product for $3.99. Looks like a shot glass. It’s not. Measures in teaspoons, tablespoons, ounces, and milliliters.

5. Luxury Library Bookcase Chair

library-chairGreat idea but it cost a whopping $2,500 at Etsy. Handmade of wood and silk.

6. Collapsible Bucket

the-bucketMade of silicone and can hold 2 gallons. Store bucket in a drawer. Product available at Solutions for $29.99.

7. The Walker’s Foldaway Treadmill

treadmill-foldingNot enough space for gym equipment, until now. This motorless treadmill folds to only 14″ high. Resistance is created by magnetic force which eliminates need for electricity. Buy it at Hammacher Schlemmer at $249.95. Steep price, but quite the space saver for exercise equipment.

8. Audio Light Bulb

speaker-lightbulbWireless, illuminated speakers for your iPhone or iPod that doubles as a light bulb. Genius! Find it on Amazon for under $45.

9. Rinse & Chop

rinse-chopRinse. Chop. All-in-one. Folding chopping board with curved colander feature and a non-slip base. Sold at JosephJoseph for $15.

10. Caroma Profile Smart Round Front Plus 2-Piece Toilet

toilet-sinkAfter flushing, fresh cold water is directed through the faucet for hand washing and drains into the tank to be used for the next flush. Now that’s CLEVER! Plumbing Deals priced at $518.50

Which space saving product would you buy?

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Craigslist Apps iPhone & Android

Which Craigslist app to post your merchandise is best for you? Depends if you have an iPhone or an Android phone. A few apps work on all devices; however, you usually have to choose to either download from iTunes or Google Play. As a reseller, you need the flexibility to post an item anywhere at anytime. Hence, you need a reliable app. Few are free. Few are not. Click on each link to see the entire description of the app to help you choose which app best suits your needs as a reseller.

Craigslist iPhone Apps

1. Mokriya – Free

Just add a title, description, some photos – and reach millions of Craigslist users!
The EASIEST way to post.
Manage all your Craigslist postings using an intuitive interface.

2. CSmart – $2.99


CSmart is the SMARTEST Craigslist browser which unlocks the hidden potential of Craigslist. The quickest way to browse and search Craigslist with excellent features like multi-city saved searches, notifications, starred/favorite listings, search history and previously viewed listings history all in one easy to use screen.

Note: Quick shortcut to post a new listing on Craigslist website. Built in posting function coming soon in a free update.

3. Daily – $1.99

dailyFor a newspaper or magazine style browsing experience.

Post to Craigslist directly from the app
Use your iPhone or iPad 2 camera to add photos to your postings or add photos from your photo library.
Manage your Craigslist ads
- Even use multiple Craigslist accounts.

4. cPro – Free

Over 1,000,000 successfully posted Craigslist ads from the app!
POST a Craigslist ad in under 1 minute!
Post from MULTIPLE Craigslist ACCOUNTS.
Take pictures with your CAMERA or use photos from your PHOTO ALBUMS.
Full-fledged Craigslist ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT including REPOSTING with photos, editing, and deleting/undeleting posted ads.

Craigslist Android Apps

1. Mokriya – Free

Just add a title, description, some photos – and reach millions of Craigslist users!
The EASIEST way to post.

2. cPro – Free

Over 1,000,000 successfully posted ads with the use of the app!
POST a Craigslist ad directly from CraigsPro.
Post from MULTIPLE Craigslist ACCOUNTS.
Take pictures with your CAMERA or use photos from your PHOTO ALBUMS.
Full-fledged Craigslist ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT including REPOSTING with photos, editing, and deleting/undeleting posted ads.

3. CityShop – Free

cityshopPosting ads directly from your Android Phone.
Posting with or without an account.

Which Craigslist app do you use?

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Storage Wars: Canada: Interview with Roy Dirnbeck


OLN’s reality series Storage Wars: Canada star Roy Dirnbeck tagged as “The Instigator.” He’s cantankerous and a prankster in his strategy to gain attention with his antics during auctions so that his competitors lose focus… And it works! He talks a big game and backs it by spending the big bucks. Buying storage units is a hobby, but make no mistake, he will win when he wants and will drop a locker on a bidder for pure pleasure.

He generously took time out of his hectic schedule to answer a few questions for

Roy Dirnbeck Interview

Q. What was life like growing up in Toronto, Canada?

A. I was born in Born in Johannesburg, South Africa. My father is an Austrian citizen who was working in South Africa. My mom is a Toronto-Canadanative South African. That is where my father met my mother.

After my twin sister and I were born, we moved to Vienna, Austria which is my father’s homeland. My parents wanted a better life for the kids.

Eventually we moved to Toronto when I was five. As new immigrants to Canada, we grew up poor. But we really didn’t know it. We always had food, clothes, and a place to live. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters. A family of 5 children could not have been easy for my parents.

Q. Who was the greatest influence in your life growing up?

A. My best friend Chris Joyce. We have been like brothers since the age of 14. We always competed, fought, challenged, and helped each other. We are still best friends. About 10 years ago, Chris almost died from cancer. It was a life changing event for me. Ever since then I live every day like it could be my last!

Q. What was your childhood dream?olympic-rings

A. Going to the Olympics. I wanted to be the fastest man in the world. I was a good sprinter in high school. I can still run fast on this day. I wonder if I had worked harder and dedicated myself more; could I have become an Olympian?

Q. What stunts did you pull when you where young?

A. We used to play knicky knicky nine doors. It’s a game where you go up to a house, ring the doorbell, and sometimes we would burn a paper bag full of dog poop. We just liked to get chased for fun. I got older and full of testosterone and EGO. I was a very cocky teenager and naïve to the bar scene. Many times I would get into bar fights for sticking up for friends and other times for trying to pick up a girl.

Q. You studied at the University of Guelph in Ontario. What was your career goal?University-Guelph

A. My plan was to become a high school gym teacher, train to go to the Olympics, and meet lots of beautiful women. In my third year I was forced to quit. My parents were struggling financially and we were about to lose our home. I was the oldest, so I did the right thing and put my education on hold. I went to work to help until things got better for my parents. Sadly, I never did earn a degree, go to the Olympics, but I did meet a beautiful woman who became my wife.

Q. What type of jobs did you do before you started your own business?

A. During my years at University I worked part-time at a large International Freight forwarder. I started as a delivery driver, became a warehouse supervisor, and then moved up to the front office as International Airfreight Coordinator. During this time I met a beautiful girl. Her name was Grace Caetano. She would eventually change her surname to Dirnbeck.

Q. How did you start your own courier business?

A. Grace and I were lured to more lucrative positions in a smaller company. I became a co-owner of a small courier business. I eventually sold 20% of this company then started my own business. I learned early on that I didn’t work well with partners. I am a perfectionist and a bit of a control freak.

Q. Tell us about your best collections in your man cave. pinball-roy-dirnbeck

A. It’s full of valuable sports memorabilia, pinball machines, jukebox, antique gas pump, oil and gas collectibles, and rare cars. My favorite item is my 1951 Barnum and Bailey Clown car. It is truly a piece of ART!

Q. How did you get into the business of buying storage units?

A. I started about 8 years ago. I was blown away by the show Storage Wars. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Barry Weiss was the coolest guy I had ever seen and the show was like modern day treasure hunting – but without the shovel, compass, and secret treasure map. The very next day I looked up local storage auctions on the internet.

I went to my very first auction the following day and have never looked back. I get just as excited today when that lock is cut and the door opens. You just never know what you are going to see! It started as a hobby or time filler, but has steadily grown into a full time fascination.

Q. Where did you get your signature all-wood flashlight?

A. I bought the flashlight at a trendy book store (laughs). Everybody thinks I made it. I call my flashlight ‘WOODY.’ He brings me luck.

Storage Wars Canada

Q. How did you get cast on the show?

A. I was cast from the show at a local auction. By that time I was a regular buyer and a constant trouble maker. Don Reinhart was approached first. He then recommended my name to the casting director. She secretly watched me at a few auctions. She said I was like a caged lion at auctions!

Q. How did you get tagged as “The Instigator.”roy-dirnbeck-instigator

A. The casting director was impressed with my passion and energy at an auction. I have no real friends at an auction. For me, it’s the Olympics (my crushed childhood dream). I think I am the greatest storage ‘Locker Buyer’ of all time. I am not there to make friends – just to make money.

Q. Describe your dream locker.

A. Filled with a million dollars worth of jewelry, gold, and diamonds. Or full of rare paintings worth millions. Or maybe a rare comic book collection. It needs to be record breaking that it would make the news – shown on CNN.

Q. Why do you constantly try to get under Ursula’s skin?

A. I try and get under everyone’s skin, but it is especially fun with Ursula. She is easy to fluster. In the beginning, it was nice to have a good looking woman show up to the auction. But now, she is a bigger pain in the ass than most. She thinks she knows what she is doing (when really she has no clue). She is a nice person, but I think she should go back to being a school teacher.

Q. Describe your cast mates:

storage-wars-canada-cast-photo copyA.

Rick: He is what you see.
Cindy: She is what you see.
Don: True gentleman. He is a classy, intelligent businessman, kind but stern – when needed.
Ursula: Hard worker, unfocused, genuine.
Bogart: Young, naive, good looking, desperately searching for his calling.
Paul: Low maintenance, hilarious, over achiever (in his own mind), super father.

Q. What surprised you most about working on a reality television series?

A. The amount of work and dedication needed as we work at least 40-60 hours per week to make this show happen. I thought this would be a fun part-time gig. It turned out to be an extraordinary full-time job! Every day is an adventure. It’s the perfect job because no TWO days are ever the same. I toss and turn at sleep many nights before filming because I cannot wait to get to work.

Q. Canadian weather is unforgiving unlike LA or NYC. Tell us what the players have to go through compared to other shows.

A. Summers are hot and humid. Winters are freezing and treacherous. We just make do with what we got.

Q. Describe your antics on the show.


A. I dress up in disguise, even though everybody knows it’s me. I do it for two reasons. One is to make people laugh. Two is that I want people to think I am crazy. I want them to think I have completely lost it. That I am completely unstable… So when that really good locker shows up, I seem to slip under the radar or am not taken seriously.

Q. What is your best turn for profit find in a locker?

A. I have had two memorable finds. Off the show I bought a locker for $3,200. It was a 10×30 locker full of antiques and valuable collectibles. I sold the contents for $11,000 and kept $17,000 Rolex Daytona as a trophy piece (I still have it). On the show I bought a locker full of NASCAR race simulators for $19,000. I eventually sold the package for $48,000.00. Not bad for a day’s work.

Q. How would you describe the show?

A. Reality series that follows 3 stooges and 1 professional buyer on his quest to become the next Indiana Jones.

Roy likes to keep in touch with his fans. You may “Follow” him on Twitter @InstigatorRoy.

Q. How did you meet your wife?

A. As I said earlier, I met my wife at work. At first I thought I had no chance (even with my massive ego). But I couldn’t get her out of my grace-dirnbeckmind. I made excuses to go to head office to drop off documents. I would change my clothes, put on extra cologne, wear extra tight jeans and t-shirts – anything to get her attention. I started leaving small gifts or notes on her desk.

Finally the big day came at the company Christmas party. I knew she was coming alone, and at this point she knew I was interested and coming alone. Many of our mutual friends were trying to set us up, but we were both shy and proud. Early in the evening and after a couple drinks, we met up near the dance floor. A slow song came on and shockingly – Grace asked me if I wanted to dance? My response was – NOT RIGHT NOW, maybe later.

I couldn’t believe those words came out of my mouth! She looked stunned, my friends were blown away, and I was still cocky. I thought I totally screwed up. I desperately waited for the next slow song and quickly went to Grace’s table. She was with all of the executives and she still looked so mad. But I grabbed one of her hands and said, “Hello beautiful… would you like to dance?”  

Before she could answer, I quickly pulled her up and led her towards the dance floor. I quickly apologized for the earlier rudeness and explained I was just nervous because she was so beautiful. From that night on I knew she was my angel, my lover, my soul mate, and my best friend. I love her more than anything in this world.

Q: You are raising Grace’s niece and nephew. Tell us what that is like to be as a father to them?

A. It’s been only for the past couple of years. Sara is 25 and Mathew is 19. Their Mother died a couple years ago from cancer. Both kids are great and we are so blessed to have them as part of our family. I will never be their biological father, but I still love them like my own. Going for dinner, or meeting their boyfriends, or having their friends over, and holidays are all special. I even dream of the day when Sara and Mathew get married. I will be so proud. They have gone through tough times but seem to be doing much better. Money, success, and fame are nothing compared to a family.

Q. What was it like for your family and friends when they saw you on that first episode?

A. So supportive and seemed proud, but shocked. Most cannot believe how crazy and ignorant I am on TV. Most say that is the real Roy, but he has stepped it up a level or two. It was shocking for most of my friends and family because I don’t act like this around them. But I act totally different at auctions because I am there to make money, win the best lockers, and not there to make friends.

Q. What are your pet peeves?

A. People who go through life with no dream or ambition. Life is short! Do something with your life. It is such a gift. Don’t waste it.

Q. What are your hobbies?

A. Buying storage units – treasure hunting for that Holy Grail locker.  bucket-list-roy-dirnbeck

Q. What’s on your bucket list?

A. Travel to outer space. Sky diving. African safari. Fly a jet fighter.

Q. What motto do you live by?


  1. Life is short, so live every day like it is your LAST.
  2. Treat everybody the same as you would like to be treated.

Q. What’s your best attribute?

A. My compassion and sense of humor.

Q. What’s your worst attribute?

A. Is that I have no patience.  Slow, stupid people annoy me.

Q. How would you like to be remembered?

A. As a great husband, genuine friend, and down to earth guy.

Roy-Dirnberck-smile1Full of Love. Full of Fun. Full of Life.

He’s a man’s man and a woman’s dream.

Check your local listing on the OLN channel for episodes of Storage Wars: Canada.

Let us know your thoughts, opinions about Roy’s interview in the comment box below.

Storage Wars: Hester Poltergeist

dave-hester-returnsDefinition of Poltergeist: Force credited with certain malicious or disturbing phenomena responsible for physical disturbances.

Definition of Hester Poltergeist: All of the above and – OH, HELL NO!

The Mogul – wait, hold that thought. Can Dave Hester still be called a Mogul when he closed two stores and lost respect of his colleagues (not sure he ever earned their respect)?

Definition of a Mogul: An important or powerful person.


Dave’s title long passed but the bitter, egotistical, better-than-you, attitude Hester still in full force.

He arrive at auction, not in his former huge box truck or fleet of trucks; but instead in a black van to the tune of Darth Vader music.

dave-hester-vanThat’s quite a slap to any Star Wars fan for the Sith definitely had more class than this outcast reality star who was absent during seasons 4 and 5 of the show.

First words uttered of his mouth – YUUUP!

Response of the cast:

Laura: What was that?
Jarrod: (mouths – WTF) I hope he’s not staying. Any lowlife will do, huh?
Laura: Why would he even show up?
Brandi: No shame. No shame.
Jarrod: Are you kidding me right now?
Brandi: I’m not kidding you.
Laura: I just got like throw up in my mouth.
Darrell: It’s a boy named Sue.
Dave: How do you do.

Brandi: I heard he tried to start his own auction company. Must not have worked out too well if he’s crawling back here.
Jarrod: Tried to open an auction company – failed. Had a shop – failed. Honestly, I heard Dave was living in his van.
Darrell: I don’t know where Dave’s been. Probably ‘Donut Rehab.’ But I wish he’d go back.

Dave’s presence caused quite a disturbance among the regular bidders. Laura not too happy for she had to take on the role as auctioneer as her husband Dan was out of town.

Hester’s response to the chatter so vile against him?

Dave: These guys have been getting a little soft around here without me. It’s time to remind them who’s in charge.

Hold that thought, Hester, because you will see who was truly in charge.

Laura: You know what, we’re gonna make lemonade out of these rotten lemons today, folks.
Please help me to hold my tongue and not lash out at that beast.
Brandi: I wonder how it feels where you are so rampantly just hated so badly.
Darrell: F—ing ridiculous.
Brandi: F— this. This is not okay.
Jarrod: We’re all going to Hell.

So far so good.

I wrote too soon.

Laura: This guy is running all over town, calling himself an auctioneer. Trying to steal my business. Now he shows up at my auction.

laura-dotson copy

If only it would stop there.

It’s Dave – no such luck.

dave-hester-america copyLaura: You can say what you want absolutely, but you do not have to discredit me or put me down in any way, or say you’re gonna take my accounts.
Dave: Go away.
Laura: I think you are a little baby on showing up on a day when Danny’s not here, and you haven’t been around forever, and then you’re gone. Well, I’m gonna let you know I’m the only auctioneer here.
Dave: Yeah, go see a psychiatrist. If you want to scold me, send a man to represent you.
Laura: You think you’re gonna make me feel like a little girl. Guess what? I’m the Lady here and you’re not gonna get in my way.
Dave: Are you done?
Laura: Yeah.
Dave: Okay, now shut up.

laura-dotson-warns copyHester Poltergeist now in full swing as malicious words spewed out his mouth to piss people off – what he does best, yes?

More words were exchanged between Laura and Dave (not pretty). Here’s a snippet.

Dave: Get out of my face.
Laura: I’m not afraid of you.
Dave: What a piece of sh–!
Laura: You want to be at my auction, straighten up.

dave-hester-spites copy

What was this, the 50s?

Laura: Is that what you think I need?
Dave: (Bleep) and a mouth don’t make an auctioneer.
Laura: At least I have a pair. Do you know what I have? I have backbone. I have bravado. Do you hear me? You’re gone!

Security escorted the ex-mogul out of the premises.

I told you to wait for it.

Dave was not in charge as he boasted at the start of the show.

The auctioneer – LAURA – was in charge.


laura-dotson-kicks-out-hester copy

Dave excited that he twisted that auction into something ugly.

In the end Hester stated he was a NICE guy.

What were his last words, you ask?

dave-hester-out-of-face copyExactly!

Not a bad idea.

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Storage Wars: Texas: Interview with Auctioneer Walt Cade

Walt-Cade-AuctioneerA&E’s reality series Storage Wars: Texas Auctioneer Walt Cade grew up in a middle class home but he is a self-made man from his youth. With determination and ambition, he built several successful businesses. As he entered the auction world, there was no stopping his success.

He generously took time out from his busy schedule to answer a few questions for

Walt Cade Interview

Q. What was life like growing up in Laurel, Mississippi?downtown-laurel-mississippi

A. I was born in Tripoli, Libya at Wheelus Air Force Base where my dad was stationed. We moved to Laurel shortly after birth when my dad left the Air Force. That is where he became a cop.

I am an only child and was spoiled rotten. My parents gave me everything that any other kid had. Middle class life but I always came first. My mom came from a family of 13 children and my dad had 9 siblings; so they made sure I had the things they never had.  

My dad was in law enforcement all of my childhood. My mom was a beautician and had her own shop. At a very young age I was selling something all the time. I sold collectable stamps and coins to friends. I operated the snack machines and coke machines in my mom’s shop. She often bought the products and I stocked the machines and kept the money. I never told her how much I saved, but it was considerable. I never had to spend any money, so I saved it to the tune of many thousands of dollars over the years.  

I took a small job as a delivery boy at the age of 12 delivering printing products by foot for a downtown printing company.  As time passed; I opened a gift shop. Then a pet shop. Then my 1st convenience store at the age of 17. The money to start my 1st business was saved over my young life. I worked hard to replenish inventory and build my businesses.

Q. Who was the greatest influence in your life growing up?

A. My Dad. He was a fighter pilot in the Air Force then later he became a very respected law enforcement officer.

Q. What was your childhood dream?

A. I always had ideas, many different ones, but always it was to be in some business for myself.

Q. You owned Allied Bookkeeping Co in Longview, Texas. Your son runs the business now. You were a Financial Planner and Stock Broker. How did that go for you?

A. We were in private practice doing Accounting, Payroll, Check Writing, Taxation, Fast Refunds, Financial Planning, and Estates. The new age of accounting was very fast paced and it proved to be a great income source for us. The Fast refunds were very good for us. Many times we had over 100 people waiting in line when we opened. Police had to direct traffic.  Offering Retirement Planning and Mutual Funds were also a good fit for our clients.

Q. You became an auctioneer after attending the prestigious Texas Auction Academy. Why did you become a storage auctioneer?texas-auction-academy

A. I graduated in June of 2009. Most auctioneers in my area had good business and people skills and had been in the business some 40+ years. I set out to learn how and if this could be a great new business venture that I would enjoy.

I met International Champion Mike Jones and his wife Lori. That’s when I fell in love with the profession. My classmates all had ambitions of becoming Auto, Cattle, Farm, or Real Estate Auctioneers. Some laughed at me when I said I wanted to be a Storage Unit Auctioneer. Once I graduated, I immediately gained instant success in this business.

Note: Walt made it onto a very successful television franchise. Who’s laughing now…walt-cade-cancer-kid

Q. What has been your greatest success as an auctioneer?

A. Surprise! This may  not be the answer you are looking for. I found that storage auctions opened a major opportunity to raise lots of money for my passionsFundraisers for Kids and Cancer Victims.

You may hire Walt through his website Walt Cade Auctions Inc. Contact Business: 507 N.Fredonia, Longview, Texas, 75601. Phone: 903-758-7821. Fax: 903-758-1319.

Q. Where do you perform auctions?

A. Southern US and the Caribbean.hoodie

Q. Where do you get your shirts made that you wear on the show?

A. I own my own T-Shirt shop.

Walt has a store set up on his website where you can buy gear with his catch phrase, Ham’r Up. T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, tank-tops, hats, sandals, bracelets, and more items added periodically – Walt Cade Store.

Q. Do you have an unforgettable experience at auction?

A. I’ve seen most everything; but the most bizarre was when we opened a storage unit door and it had a coffin inside along side a baby coffin. Well, good news there were no human remains. I wrote a book titled Ham’R Up! Bid’R Down! that mentions many of the strange stuff we found inside of storage units.walt-cade-book-amazon

Q. How did you come up with your catch phrase ‘Ham’r Up’ and ‘Ham’r Down’?

A. In the Auction Business we use a gavel or hammer. Hammer Up means to start the auction. Ham’R Up comes from that. Ham’R Down would end the auction. Ham’R Down to me means, “Safely travel on… until the next auction.”

Storage Wars: Texas

Q. How did you get cast on the show?

A. They called me based on a Google search and the number of storage auctions I performed. When I worked for a benefit or auction; I asked the organization to put my name in their advertising. That brought and built a nice following. As a result I appeared over and over again in all search engines.

Q. Describe what it is like to be on the show in Texas where auctions are hundreds of miles in any direction and the climate up to 100ºF+ in summer.

A. Of course it’s extremely hot. But you get used to it. Sometimes I wonder why these people want to be in the heat all day myself. I keep an ice chest in the back of my truck full of bottled water, free for the taking for the regular bidders. If you will notice, the cooler is in the back of my truck on every show too.

Q. What was it like for your family and friends when they saw you on that first episode on TV?

A. Like me… they were and are still stunned.

Q. Describe your cast mates:

Ricky: A business man, farmer, and a careful entrepreneur. Pretty cool dude. Smart at things you haven’t thought of yet, and may never.

Jenny: Such a sweet and adorable thing. She and her husband are terrific. She works very hard at her refinishing and needs storage units to fill her buyer’s tastes. Everybody loves Jenny!

Bubba: Don’t cross him! (Laughs.) He is quiet, but a buyer that if needed, can buy anything he wants. They call his pockets “The Bank of Bubba.” Need a loan?

Mary: Works hard and loves her family. Everybody loves her creative side. Sometimes her elaborate mind conjurers up seemingly odd results; but she knows her market and actually makes money with what you might call ‘odd.’ She throws nothing away and makes cool stuff out of anything.

Moe: Eccentric, fun, entertaining… and what is he doing on a show like this? Answer: He loves his character. Oh and speaking of character; he lives act and breathes the way you see him on TV all of the time. He is a great friend to everyone.

Q. Your wife appears on the show and keeps tabs on the bids, correct?walt-and-cheryl-cade-auction

A. She makes every auction, collects the money, and does the paperwork. She started out in the beginning with me doing just what she does today. She is a friend to all the bidders and they all love her. She is an expert problem solver. 

Should a problem arise, she can make things happen and solve all problems in a way that everyone ends up happy. She is on every show, in and on the sidelines. She does her job well and doesn’t get appreciated as much as she should, but she likes it that way.

Q. Texas egos are HUGE on the show.

A. Once the auction begins, they have to buy! Each will stop at nothing to gain an edge. Often corny, ridiculous, or creative… but they will make the buys work for them no matter what. 

Q. What surprised you most about working on a reality television series?walt-cade-shooting-storage-wars-texas

A. The hard work that out producers put in. I was unaware that it takes 200-500 hours of film just to make our 21 minute show.

Q. Any behind-the-scenes stuff you’d like to share?

A. Bubba is very claustrophobic. It’s always fun to auction the unit inside and watch him sweat and squirm. Many times he just lets Ricky bid while he waits outside. He also hates riding in the elevators.

Mary was always the brunt of every short joke! Always the good sport.

Ricky and Mary are close to the same height, but put them side by side, and well, you get the idea. (Smiles.)

Jenny, well when a joke is pulled on her, she enjoys it and has so much fun with it.  She is a constant charmer. Both in real life and on the set.

Q. What would surprise the audience about what the bidders go through on the show?

A. The number of units that get filmed versus the ones that actually make the show. The show films 5-6 Days a week. Bidders travel, remove items back to their stores (or dumpster), and get items appraised. That might leave 1 day a week to actually run their store. They each have to have a big support team to keep their business running during filming.

Q. How would you describe the show?

A. Most amazing experience for the people on the show and for the folks watching.

Walt enjoys keeping in touch with his fans. Follow him on Twitter @WaltCade or ‘Like’ him on Facebook:

Q. How did you meet your wife?cheryl-cade

A. Cheryl is my 3rd wife. We’ve been together now for 29 years. (I kept this one.) I was moving into my new place, and the power company said I needed to have it green tagged before they would connect the power.

So, I called this electrical service company and she answered the phone. She agreed to send out an electrician. While we talked on the phone; she had this bubbly personality and she was so nice. She told me she was a tiny little thing of 98 lbs. I didn’t really believe her, but she agreed to me that Friday night at a local club.

I asked the electrician about her and he said she was a hot little doll. And you bet she was. But here is the big secret – with her cheerful personality and way of dealing with people; my tax practice soared to 5 times it’s profits! Her contagious cheerfulness makes everybody that meets her falls in love with her charm. 

Q: How many children do you have?

A. We have 5: Hers, Mine, and Ours.

  1. Hers: Daughter-Machelle (39), Son-Michael (35), Son-Matthew(33)
  2. Mine: Son-Andy (36)
  3. Ours: Son-Casey (26)

Q. What are your hobbies?walt-cade-farm

A: On our farm I raise Christmas trees, catfish, and we have two herds of wild deer that we care for in the wild.

Q. What are your pet peeves?

A. Inconsiderate and fake people.

Q. You and your wife like to take cruises. Where have you traveled to this date?

A. We travel Jamaica, Bahamas, Cozumel, and

Q. What’s your worst attribute?

A. Not having enough faith in others to do the job expected.

Q. What’s your best attribute?

A. I pride myself on the ability to read people’s actions.

Q. What motto do you live by?

A. A little bit of anything is almost always okay; but too much of that very same thing is always bad!

Q. What’s on your bucket list?

A. Live on the ocean for a year.

Q. How would you like to be remembered?

A. By some form of GOOD that I passed along that helped others.

walt-cade-ranchWalt’s heart is as big as Texas as he shows his Love for Family, Friends, and Fans.

 Check your local listing on A&E channel for episodes of Storage Wars: Texas.

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Married to the Job Returns

married-to-the-jobStorage Wars star couple Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz return in A&E’s Married to the Job.

Their new full-fledged spinoff premiers on August 12th at 10PM ET/PT. That’s immediately following the season premier Storage Wars season 6 which features the return of the infamous villain, Dave Hester.

That will be one power-packed, in-your-face, night of reality TV… and then whatever Hester will bring back to the show. Come on, you know you loved the bickering of Brandi and Jarrod. Their fun antics override any pukedom spouted by Hester.

Married to the Job special aired on April 22nd which gave the audience a backstage pass of Brandi and Jarrod’s lives outside the storage locker auctions. Life at home as they raise their two kids. How the star couple copes with family and manages their consignment store in Orange County, California.

What we did learned from that special was that Brandi actually has three children:

  • Son – Cameron
  • Daughter – Payton
  • Grown-up Child Mate – Jarrod

Cameron struggled with algebra.
Jarrod had a month-long birthday celebration.
Payton cleaned toilets at the Now and Then store.

Note: No child labor laws were broken since Payton wasn’t paid a dime for her services.

In a recent Storage Wars episode of season 5, “It’s Bring Your Kids to Work Day,”  Jarrod and Brandi brought Cameron and Payton to the storage auction.

shulz-family-auction Was this a move to have the kids adjust to rolling cameras all around them? Cameron and Patyon also accompanied their parents to get an item appraised. Science item. Hopefully the kids didn’t learn how to blow up the house.
schulz-family-scienceAs we watched the Schulz family reunited on Storage Wars; it fed our voyeuristic urge to watch the star couple under a microscope.

Now A&E will capitalize on our stalk-ish behavior via a full-fledge season of Married to the Job. Stay tuned August 12th at 10PM ET/PT on A&E TV.

Will you be watching the new spinoff starring the Schulz family?

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Dave Hester Settles Lawsuit Returns To Storage Wars

dave-hester-storage-warsDave Hester returns to Storage Wars season 6 now that he has settled his wrongful termination lawsuit against A&E Network and Original Productions.

Yuup – The War is Over!

New season of A&E’s hit series will premier with back-to-back episodes on Tuesday, August 12, 2014 at 9PM and 9:30PM ET/PT.

According to a report from BWW TV…


Documents filed July 11, 2014 in court revealed that Dave Hester and Original Productions settled for an undisclosed amount. Settlement terms sealed and judgment satisfied in full.

Hester’s original claim against the two production companies:

“The truth is that (producers) regularly salt or plant the storage lockers that are the subject of the auctions portrayed on the series with valuable or unusual items to create drama and suspense for the show.”

But that claim of Unfair Business Practices was thrown out by Supreme Court Judge Michael Johnson back in March of 2013.

Dave Hester was then ordered to pay out a whopping $122,692 for A&E’s legal fees for the anti-SLAPP motion he filed against A&E.

Yeah, let’s see if the ‘The Mogul’ could dig that out of his man purse that he carried at storage auctions on the show. Remember how he flashed $10,000 at everyone’s face that first season?

Dave lost the 1st round of the lawsuit. The 2nd round dragged for months and outcome was unclear, until now.

It’s over.
It’s settled.
No one won.


Dave Hester will return to Storage Wars to face-off with Brandi & Jarrod and Darrell & Brandon. They know him. They can handle him.

However, newcomers Ivy Calvin and Rene & Casey Nezhoda have a world of hurt to experience as they stand off to face Dave ‘YUUP’ Hester.

If you thought pukes and rat bastards was the worst it could get on the show, well, think again.  Prepare for ALL OUT WAR in Season 6 of Storage Wars.

What you think of Dave Hester’s return to the show?

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Top 5 Collectibles

Beatles-Vinyl-RecordsDo you know what the top five collectibles are today?

Trends change.

While it’s important to stay on top of the current trends; this list is a standard of stable and lucrative collectibles that pass the test of time. Be on the lookout for items like these while attending storage unit auctions.

Rare Vinyl Records

While MP3s is the modern day version of a 45 rpm single record; the LPs (Long-Playing) records are still pressed today. Favorite of DJs as LPs are used to beat-mix a set of music.

Lack of availability in the open market will turn a promotional record for the Beatles single Love Me Do into a huge sale of $10,974. Another 45 rpm single by the Rolling Stones – Street Fighting Man with the original sleeve sold for $10,000.

Harder to find, the more valuable the record.

Action Figures

Immediately you’re first thought – Star Wars. Yes, they are collectible. Before Jedi however,,there was Aquaman, Thor, Green Arrow, Hulk, and so many more. Jarrod Schulz from Storage Wars found a tub full of action figures (each still new in box). At appraisal four were valued at $8,000. Spiderman alone was valued at $3,000.

A vintage Darth Vader, with its telescoping light saber, sold for $10,000. How rare? Only eight in the world are known to exist.

Antique Coins

Pursuit of collecting antique coins dubbed as ‘King of Hobbies.’ San Francisco Morgan silver dollar (only 100,000 in total mint) sold for $16,878. Mintage, number of copies, unique characteristics or defects, determine the value of a coin.

Movie Memorabilia

Look for iconic and world wide appeal for the most lucrative collectibles for film.

  • Audrey Hepburn’s Ascot dress from My Fair Lady valued at $3.7m
  • Marilyn Monroe’s bathrobe valued at $120,000
  • The Maltese Falcon statuette valued at $4m in 2013

Demand for movie star iconic costumes through the roof. Good news that movie memorabilia continue to rise in value.

Rare Stamps

Sweden, United Kingdom, or China are the most sought after collectible stamps. How many times have you found a storage unit full of paper items? Bills, letters, invoices, and such. Keep in mind that until personal computers were readily available in every household; and the fact the world wide web didn’t exists until 1989; snail mail was the form of correspondence.

Rare stamps hold a value of several hundred to several thousand dollars. The rarest of stamps however could cash in the millions. Sift through all of the mail carefully after you buy a locker. Especially units that have been untouched for years. Who knows if the tenant corresponded abroad. Check the stamps on all of the envelopes before you tossed them out.

Lesson here it to not dismiss envelopes, toys, or records. Take the time to do a little research and properly sift through all paper materials for rare finds.

For your information, Treskilling Yellow is a Swedish postage stamp estimated value at $3.14m.

Good luck!

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