Feedback Policies

Positive feedback is an important aspect in developing a positive reputation.’s feedback technique allows members to create their own system of quality control.

In order to ensure that the feedback system works as intended, there are certain rules that all participants must adhere to.

All feedback must be given honestly and as a direct result of genuine sales interactions through this site.

Your participation on this site means that you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Feedback Manipulation

Users shall not attempt to manipulate the feedback system in such a way that their reputation could be inflated artificially. Further, users many not abuse the feedback system to artificially drop the reputation score of competitors.

This includes but is not limited to the following behaviors:

  1. Offering to sell, barter or give away feedback.
  2. Lowering a seller’s feedback score through repeated purchases and poor feedback.
  3. Paying or bartering other members for their accounts.
  4. Registering multiple accounts in an attempt to increase your own feedback score.

Feedback Extortion

  • Buyers cannot use the threat of negative feedback as a way to coerce sellers into providing discounts, additional goods or unwarranted refunds.
  • Sellers also cannot coerce buyers into leaving positive feedback as a condition of receiving the purchased goods.

Additionally, sellers cannot offer discounts, refunds, monetary compensation or additional items in exchange for positive feedback. This will be considered the same as purchasing feedback and is a breach of these terms and conditions.

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