Storage Hunters UK: Episode 10 – Reading

Linda, Danny

The location for the today’s episode of Storage Hunters UK is Reading.

And Mini Mile is all excited.

Mini Mile, Sean


A bunch of old furniture. And a bucket.

furniture, storage unit

Darren and Barry are interested (they know what the stuff in there is worth. Or so they say). George is also interested.

The bidding starts and Darren and Barry win the lot at Ł675.


Used sports equipment.

sports, equipment, gym

gym, sports equipment

Nat – Dan is a cocky Cockney, he thinks he knows his stuff and he actually doesn’t. George is interested. John thinks it is an interesting little bin. Pause while he looks at Nat for approval. He doesn’t get it.

The bidding starts and George wins the lot at Ł650. There is a bit of an argy bargy during the bidding. See what happened was that John shoved George and then George touched Nat’s face.

George, Nat


Nat – he touched my face. You can’t go around doing that. That’s invading space. (to John) I don’t like you in my space, let alone a stranger.


Some plants and some vintage stuff (from what we can see).

plants, vintage

vintage clothes

Danny – Nat looks at me as if she wants to kill me. How can you hate this face?

Yes, how can you Nat?

danny prat

Nat – it’s going to be a few little cherubs in here from what I’ve seen. Hm ok.

George has a whole strategy worked out. George – I touched Nat’s face, she forgot to bid. I know how to push her buttons.


The bidding starts. Some further argy bargy erupts between George and John, Mini Mile has to intervene.

George, John

Meanwhile Nat is not amused.


Nat and John win the lot at Ł625. They go to investigate – they find boxes of vintage clothes.

vintage clothes

An old record player. A groovy looking TV.



You can’t see much since almost all of it is covered with blankets, but there is some World War II stuff under there (helmets and such).

blankets, storage unit

snow shoes

George – Danny is all talk.

Meanwhile Danny says he is here to make money. Haven’t we heard that before? Linda also doesn’t like Danny and his attitude and at the moment she just wants him to shut up.

Her face says it all really.

Linda, Danny

The bidding starts and Danny wins the lot at Ł850.

Danny investigates the unit with Sean.

Danny, World War Two


Some old gas masks. An old wheelchair. A stuffed owl.

gas mask

wheel chair, owl

Stuffed pigeon in a box.

stuffed pigeon

On a side note – what the what with ALL the stuffed animals? Seriously!

Sean tells Danny this could possibly be a World War II carrier pigeon. IF he can find authentication for it, it could be worth between Ł8000 and Ł10000.

Danny’s face says it all.


Back to storage unit number 1 with Darren and Barry. Barry thinks Darren paid too much for the unit. They find a bunch of old typewriters.

old typewriters

Some furniture. An old clock. Darren says if it has a key and it’s working, they are in the money.


Alas there is no key and the clock is not working.

Back to storage unit number 2 with George. Sean and George find five school benches. A bunch of exercise mats. A bunch of sports equipment.

sports equipment

used sports equipment


Used pub equipment.

pub equipment

carpets, pub equipment

Linda has a bar in her house, she knows what bar stuff looks like. Well. That might explain some things. Not ALL the things, but some.

The bidding starts and Darren and Barry win the lot at Ł810. George and Linda discuss the auction and Linda is all – let him have it.

Linda, George

Sean investigates the unit with Darren and Barry. Four kegs of beer. Some brass beer taps. Space invaders game. Fruit machine.

space invaders

fruit machine

Danny takes his pigeon to be valued. Alexis Turner at the London Taxidermy (that’s one spooky place) looks at the stuff Danny brought.


Dickin medal was given to animals to honor their service during World War II. If everything is authentic Danny could fetch about Ł15.000 for his pigeon at an auction. There is a moment when Danny is all like YAY give me all the money.

Unfortunately the box is new, the bird is not an antique, the document Danny brought over is just a copy and the Dickin medal is not authentic either.

Dann disappointed


Nat and John: Ł675
Darren and Barry: Ł225
George: Ł450
Darren and Barry: Ł1000
Danny: -Ł250


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