Storage Wars: Let’s Go to Vegas!

BrandiPassante-JarrodSchulz-SW11Storage Wars: Season 1, Episode 11: “Gambler’s Last Resort.”

Out of Los Angeles and head to Las Vegas for a five-day marathon of auctions. Dave did not have his crew. Barry wondered if he could keep up. Darrell did not have good luck in Vegas.

Jarrod asked Dave at what point in this industry did he feel he owned it. Did Dave give a straight honest answer? No. He said “There’s a saying to respect your elders.” Jarrod will respect those who earned it. Jarrod just wanted to know how to be at Dave’s level without the “attitude.” Dave said to Jarrod he already had an attitude. How would Schulz be later at a higher level?

Hopefully, not a Dave Mini-Me.

1storageunit-SW111st Storage Unit
Sofa, end tables, lamp, and broken glass. Everyone but Jarrod passed. Why? Jarrod saw a garbage bag of Levi jeans. Wha? Stay with me. Vintage Levis can sell for $$$, not kidding. He won the pitiful locker for $175.

Jarrod: Darrell may know tank tops and Dave definitely knows short-shorts. But I know clothes.Vintage-Jeans-SW11

Jarrod said with old Levis, check the inseam for red stitching. That indicates vintage jeans. Appraisers stated if the back tag had a big letter “E” – it’s worth a lot of money. Unfortunately Jarrod’s jeans did not have that big “E.” However, he did have a pair with the red stitching (now pink faded through time). Rest of lot also vintage. Whole lot valued at $1,200.

2storageunit-SW112nd Storage Unit
Mattresses, office chair, grill, furniture, patio furniture, and boxes.

Barry: Did these mattresses come from Bed Bugs and Beyond?

Darrell was concerned that Dave would bid him up. It was JARROD who bid him up to $800. Dave stepped in and pushed the last bids before he dropped the locker on Darrell at $1,100.

Darrell and Brandon took a look inside the locker. High-end outdoor Jewelry-SW11furniture, complete bedroom set, older wide screen television, and a suitcase full of jewelry. At appraisal, the first piece was a heart pendant with a diamond, from Tiffany’s no less! That was just the beginning. Gold, silver, and diamonds, oh my! Total estimation at $17,000!

Dave: I’m loving this city right now!

3storageunit-SW113th Storage Unit
Bicycle parts, stereo speaks, boxes, and rubber bins. Dave hadn’t bought a locker and this one was the last of the day. Jarrod and Brandi decided to turn the tables and bid Dave up on this locker.

Dave: Am I really getting bid up by Jarrod right now? I’m hurt. I can’t believe someone would do something like that.

You get what you give, Dave, and yes… you’ll have to take Jarrod more seriously in the future.Rock-Collection-SW11

Without a crew, Dave had to dig through his own locker. He found low-end electronics, a couple of flasks, adult videos (it’s Vegas, what did you expect?), books, and a bin of rocks. You read that right – ROCKS.

Dave took the rock collection to a geologist and guess what? Yep, rocks had value. Mineral specimens that could go from $50-$500 a piece! Entire collection estimated value at $5,000.

Profit Scorecard:

Darrell Sheets: $16,675
Dave Hester: $4,725
Jarrod Schulz & Brandi Passante: $1,025
Barry Weiss: $0

Have you discounted old jeans not knowing they could be worth thousands?

Let us know your insightful thoughts in the comment box below.

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