Storage Wars: New York: Text Me

Candy-Courtney-SWNY-2-4Storage Wars: New York: Season 2, Episode 4: “Hi Text…Hi Jinx.”

In this episode of Storage Wars New York, the devilish duo of Candy & Courtney devised a scheme to distract and ultimately outbid the other buyers. Prior to auction, they discussed the failure of their plan to produce substantial results thus far. To beat their competition, they came up with their own strategy for the day.

Courtney: When the guys notice me bidding, I’ll text Candy and she’ll go in for the kill.
Candy: They’re not even going to know what’s coming.

Tad left Chris to fly solo, but not without specific instructions as to what to look for – dust and well packed boxes. Mike drove a box truck. He expected to come away with plenty of materials. JoeP acknowledged that in order to make money, one has to spend money. Needless to say, all did not go as planned for the parties involved. But let’s be honest, it rarely does.

1st Room

Auctioneer John Luke kicked off the show with the first room. Candy & Courtney quickly divided and conquered as the former distracted JoeP with a hair flip while she inconspicuously placed a bid. However, Mike was on his game. He matched Courtney’s bids and didn’t appear to back down. Time for diversion. Courtney texted Candy. Courtney stopped her bids. Candy slipped in the last stealth bid. Candy won! Mike left with whiplash.

Mike: That’s dirty pool.

While Candy & Courtney dug up the treasures; they came across a device resembling a rolling mechanism. Perhaps for making pizza. Gals took it to have it appraised.

Alas, the pizza maker told C&C it’s not a cooking utensil. Pizza maker sent them to his friend the hairdresser. Guess it might have something to do with crimping hair. Hairdresser subsequently sent Candy & Courtney off to a designer. He ultimately solved the mystery of their find – it’s an old fluting iron for making pleats in fabric. It’s not worth much. Classic case of much ado about nothing.

2nd Room

For Chris and the second locker – it’s love at first site. Guess what? Room packed with exactly what Tad did not want. These boxes were about as far away from well packed as it gets. Of course, Chris just couldn’t resist the mystery of this haphazard storage unit and won. Inside he found a silver platter with cups. He realized he would need more information to determine its value.

Tad arrived and scolded his partner for doing exactly the opposite of what he asked him to do. Their only shot at making money was the silver platter and cups.

Tad: Chris might have gotten lucky here, but it certainly wasn’t skill.

Unfortunately, at appraisal the silver platter and cups worth only $251. They did learn that this set was meant for pouring wine.

That left both JoeP and Mike without storage units (the boys grudgingly admitted the girls snagged a good room). They’re each determined to not walk away empty handed. For one of them, the third locker panned out.

3rd Room

JoeP was determined to win the and did exactly that. He came across what was perhaps the most interesting item in this episode. While opening a container, he found an item he thought was used to hold tools. Wrong! It was a portable solar panel. Green item that yielded JoeP plenty of green in the form of cash. At appraisal, he was pleased to find its worth was $1,400.

Mike, who never got the chance to score a locker, left with an empty truck.

Mike: I hate Brooklyn.

No matter, another day will bring another auction.

Profit Totals:

JoeP: $2,050
Candy Olsen & Courtney Wagner: $1,390
Mike Braiotta: $0
Chris Morelli & Tad Eaton: LOSS-$34

What did you think of C&C’s secret text bid?

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