Dave Hester Settles Lawsuit Returns To Storage Wars

dave-hester-storage-warsDave Hester returns to Storage Wars season 6 now that he has settled his wrongful termination lawsuit against A&E Network and Original Productions.

Yuup – The War is Over!

New season of A&E’s hit series will premier with back-to-back episodes on Tuesday, August 12, 2014 at 9PM and 9:30PM ET/PT.

According to a report from BWW TV…


Documents filed July 11, 2014 in court revealed that Dave Hester and Original Productions settled for an undisclosed amount. Settlement terms sealed and judgment satisfied in full.

Hester’s original claim against the two production companies:

“The truth is that (producers) regularly salt or plant the storage lockers that are the subject of the auctions portrayed on the series with valuable or unusual items to create drama and suspense for the show.”

But that claim of Unfair Business Practices was thrown out by Supreme Court Judge Michael Johnson back in March of 2013.

Dave Hester was then ordered to pay out a whopping $122,692 for A&E’s legal fees for the anti-SLAPP motion he filed against A&E.

Yeah, let’s see if the ‘The Mogul’ could dig that out of his man purse that he carried at storage auctions on the show. Remember how he flashed $10,000 at everyone’s face that first season?

Dave lost the 1st round of the lawsuit. The 2nd round dragged for months and outcome was unclear, until now.

It’s over.
It’s settled.
No one won.


Dave Hester will return to Storage Wars to face-off with Brandi & Jarrod and Darrell & Brandon. They know him. They can handle him.

However, newcomers Ivy Calvin and Rene & Casey Nezhoda have a world of hurt to experience as they stand off to face Dave ‘YUUP’ Hester.

If you thought pukes and rat bastards was the worst it could get on the show, well, think again.  Prepare for ALL OUT WAR in Season 6 of Storage Wars.

What you think of Dave Hester’s return to the show?

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  • I was hoping that the show had some reality in it….however I heard from professional buyers that it was a fake auction. Now we all know

    • Phil: The part of the lawsuit that was settled was wrongful termination. The part of the lawsuit that claimed the show was rigged was thrown out and Hester lost. Whatever did happen or is happening at these auctions can only be witnessed and testified by those who are there.

  • im glad he’s back – can’t stand darrell and his slandering everyone else – Dave is a buisness man and a powerful one he knows what he’s doing – why because he’s smart . He made the show ……..and he only insults others when they attack him first – truth of real life and people dont like it TRUTH.

    • Seriously? I dont like any of the Nasty attitudes but Dave is the worst! I was hoping he was GONE for good! Jarrod & Brandi make the show watchable..

    • Seriously. Is this Dave Hester in Disguise? Anyone who thinks Dave Hester is a Nice guy, is a Dave Hester Themselves! The man is a snake and a horrible HUMAN BEING. He is one of those people that were bullied in school, and instead of learning from it, desided to be a bully himself!

  • Why in the world would they let him back. I mean Hester bashed the show, who cares if the series is rigged, heck all reality shows are scripted. All of them. Who lost in court battle, then they hire him back? I sure he hasn’t paid A&E the $100,000 he was order to pay in legal fees, so this must be the way of paying them back. I cant stand the guy, always putting people down, I hope he doesn’t last long on the show. I mainly watch it cause of Brandi, Jarrod and Barry, but since he has his own show. But I like Ivy though.

    • Hester is a royal pain in the, a!!. He plays the big shot but he’said just the feces you get on your shoes if you are not careful where you step. But with a person like him on, its like the dirt has slithered in. To bad he’s back I could live without him. But Barry Weiss leaving after the third season that was hard. If it’s a set up then we the viewers are the dummies for watching it.

  • I’m sure he’s back because the show hasn’t been the same without him. I know that I lost interest in it after he left. I just wish he had gotten his own show ala Barry and Married to the job. He seems to really know his stuff and I find him entertaining as well as informative. Glad you’re back, Dave!

  • I think the are wrong for bringing him back. He accused them of running a set up show and it was thrown out and he had to pay them. Why would they allow him back. Did he win the wrongful termination suit?

  • I agree with Frank And Vince. The guy is a total jerk and the series did fine without him. Looks like I won’t be putting up with his attitude since I won’t be watching it anymore.

  • I can’t stand Dave Hester, I was so glad to see him gone. A season without Barry was sad but now no Barry and Hester back? How to kill a show, I’ll have to find something else to watch

  • I watch storage wars all the time.i like Brandi and Jared can’t stand Dave.darrels an ahole.barry is the coolest one on the show.marys cute.ivys cool.i would love to see someone smack Dave in the mouth.yuuuup.j.o.rena’s a jerk.i love to see Brandi and Jared get a good locker.and I love to see my man Barry get a good locker.he has some bad vechicals.is he rich??

  • I think he ruins the whole show. every time he comes on I turn it off. I’m an avid junker and antique dealer for over 25 years. He is repulsive and he’s not funny. He is ignorant. I can’t believe no one has kicked his. ……

  • Don’t pester the Hester….the show is better when it has a villain, and Hester fills that role excellently.

  • Well here’s how I see it all good entertainment has it’s serious people, at least one comedy person to make you laugh, and at least one asshole that most people don’t like at all ,I to don’t care for Dave’s smart ass remarks, and Bully ass ways , and I would really like to see Barry back on air cause without comedy it’s just not as fun to watch , “ Barry You The Man “

  • there is no way Dave didn’t get his $122,000.00 back plus a good percentage of the $750,000.00 he wanted..it is not in his soul to be a loser especially to this show.. and if you watch Dan was chest to chest with Dave- Dave pushed him back Dan clobbered him and when his wife went by she punched Dave- he grabbed her hair and threw her off.. he didn’t shove her or throw her down as she said..she punched him..

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