Storage Hunters Educate Yourself on the Value of Items

TV-LogosYou want to bid on storage lockers but you lack range of knowledge on antiques and collectibles. Not able to spot the difference between name brands or knockoffs? How do you cultivate expertise without spending a small fortune through real life trial and error?

Books are a solid venue to gain insight to the value of collectibles, but do you really want to wade through hundreds of pages on eighteen century furniture and paintings?

Educate yourself by watching TV.

I know, I know. You don’t want to clutter your mind with more mindless television shows. What if I told you I know the approximate appraisal value of an 1860 Colt Army Pistol and that I am not a gun collector.

Did you know that aluminum gas station signs are highly sought after, or that a butt-ugly painting by William Victor Higgins from the 1900s could sell for $100,000?!

Here’s a list of shows to watch to educate yourself:

American Pickers: While the show leans more to a Hoarders spin-off, you may learn the difference between what’s old and worthless and what’s old and collectible.

Antique Road Show: People bring their family heirlooms to have them appraised by professional evaluators. Get free lessons on the value of antiques, art, furniture, autographs, memorabilia, and just about everything under the sun.

Auction Hunters: A light play reality series on storage unit auctions yet the show spills valuable information on collectibles from military memorabilia, a variety of vehicles both land and water and weaponry.

Pawn Stars: It’s on the History Channel and crammed with interesting historical facts about autographs, paintings, toys, memorabilia, coins, jewelry and cars.

Storage Wars is more entertainment than informative. Of course, don’t believe half of what you see on that show or on Auction Hunters. However facts are facts. When something is appraised on either show, take notes.

Start a notebook and divide it into categories. Art, weaponry, furniture, toys, signs, bicycles, etc. You will quickly see which categories are of most interest to you. Now, this is the most important part.

Whatever type of merchandise or collectibles you gravitate towards, that is where you will find your greatest success.

Watch. Learn. Grow.

Knowledge is power and when you’re up against storage auction crazed noobs who will bid up a unit because they can, you will hold back. Spot the rubies from the rubbish. The better informed, the better the experience you will have at storage auctions.

What television shows do you like to watch to gain information on the value of collectibles?

Please leave you insightful thoughts in the comment box below.

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