Storage Wars: Can You Hear Jaws?

BrandiPassante-SW-5-6Storage Wars: Season 5, Episode 3: “For a Good Time Call…Ivy.”

Darrell honked at Rene on the drive to auction. Today’s lesson for Brandon: Physiological Warfare. Ivy decided today was going to be about having fun and messing with the others.

What is it with these players today?

Brandi talked Jarrod that maybe it was time to close Long Beach store. Jarrod wanted to save it by buying a good locker.

1st-Unit-SW-5-61st Storage Unit

Bed set, Legos, suitcase, nightstand, dresser, ice chest, trash bags, and boxes. Ivy and Darrell about to bid war. Ivy used a little psychology himself. He told the security guard Darrell, who was riddled with tattoos, was a drug dealer. Security guard then distracted Darrell. Ivy won the locker for $275.

Ever notice how Ivy hardly pays much for a room? Bottom feeder.

Ivy found a sleeping bag, books, Play Station console, memory card, controller, DVDs, and a phone.

The telephone had a voice transformer along with DVDs for prank calls. He took thetelephone-voice-transformer-SW-5-6 device to a professional prank caller. Is there such a profession and where can we all sign up? Prankster showed Ivy how the machine could alter a voice to sound like a woman or robot.

The machine in very good condition valued at $500.

Ivy: Forget about calling the pizza man, just deliver my $500.

2nd-Unit-SW-5-62nd Storage Unit

Vintage ham radios, bike, washer, shelves, shocks, old computer parts, hard hat, bottles, and flight jacket. Darrell had Brandon use some “physiological warfare” on the competition. It sounded more like a meet-and-greet time. Rene won the unit for $1,300.

Inside the locker, Rene found a thermo energy measurement device, more ham radios, old computers, multiple testing equipment, and earphones.

Unique items were meteorites. rock-SW-5-6

The couple took the meteorites to Alan, an expert at UCLA. Some of the rocks were not from space, but rocks formed from the impact of a meteor. A few of the rocks possibly a few million years old.

Rene: I don’t need college. I went to the school of hard rocks…knocks? Meteorites?

Majority of the collection were too small for any real value. The large rock appraised at $1,000.

3rd-Unit-SW-5-63rd Storage Unit

Huge fish tank, pool pump, tools, wagon, vacuum, and lots of boxes. Jarrod really wanted this locker. Ivy rose the bid and dumped the locker on Jarrod who won at $3,000. Ouch!

Brandi was NOT happy.

Jarrod: I spent three grand on this unit. But it’s a small price to pay if I can save Long Beach and prove Brandi wrong.

You should know by now Jarrod, Brandi is never wrong. The couple found a drill, pet carrier, pool heater, raft and motor, back massager, glass octopus figurine, and sex toys. Ew!

Brandi opened a case to find a type of fish tracking device. The couple took it ocean-tracking-device-SW-5-6to Josh Jones, a researcher at an aquarium, to appraise the item.

Josh explained that the device was used to listen to sea creatures communicate underwater. It was missing the transmitter, but Josh had one and attached it to the device. He placed the transmitter inside a shark tank.

Jarrod and Brandi heard sounds of fish and stingrays. They even heard “Jaws;” well, not the real Jaws, but sharks in the tank. Very cool device however it was an older model valued at $300.

Not enough to save the Long Beach store.

Profit Scorecard:

Rene & Casey Nezhoda: $1,560
Ivy Calvin: 450
Darrell Sheets: $0
Jarrod Schulz & Brandi Passante: LOSS -$176

Do you think it’s time for Jarrod to throw in the towel and close the store?

Please leave your insightful opinions in the comment box below.

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