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Storage Wars: Holy Grail II

DarrellSheets-SW-5-10Storage Wars: Season 5, Episode 10: “Zen Masters of the Universe.”

Darrell was all about Zen. Kimber taught him the Yoga tree pose. She asked him how he felt.
He said, “I need to poop.”

Dan and Laura Dotson lost on the way to auction. Not according to Laura. Dan just needed to make a u-turn up ahead.
That’s lost, Laura.

Jarrod told Brandi that she would pick the storage units and that he would set the budgets. The only rule – Brandi had to pick at least one locker. If Jarrod saw one that he liked, he’d nudge her and she’d pick that one.

Brandi: Great to be part of the team, Jarrod.

Rene arrived at auction behind the wheel of his box truck. He would load the merchandise as well. Darell, not impressed. Ivy in la-la land in his mind.

1st-unit-SW-5-101st Storage Unit

Furniture, ceiling fans, commercial fryer, washer, dryer, suitcases, entertainment center, mini-fridge, bird cage, and trash bags. Ivy won the locker for $1,300.

Ivy found a portable karaoke machine, keg dispenser, and an electric guitar.

tone-chimes-SW-5-10He man-handled heavy furniture out of the locker. That’s a former MMA fighter, for sure. Ivy spotted a metal case. Strange tuning instruments inside.

Ivy took the musical items to a church. Appraiser stated the items were tone chimes which were used to teach people notes on the scale. Valued set at $1,100.

2nd-unit-SW-5-102nd Storage Unit

Metal box with KISS (1980s rock band) written on the side, arcade game, comic books, collectable toys, and tools.


Dan quickly took the bids to $1,000, $5,000, and to $10,000. Darrell won at $15,750; the most money ever spent on a locker on Storage Wars.

KISS box contained costumes, no value, but the box itself very collectible. Darrell and Brandon uncovered box after box of collectible vintage toys. Original package. Mint condition.

Darrell: This locker just goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on. It’s the Holy Grail of Toys!

Comic books neatly bagged and boxed. Kimber added the tally. About $91,000 roughly in collectibles.
The highest profit ever in history of Storage Wars. Way to go, Darrell.

3rd-unit-SW-5-103rd Storage Unit

Tool box, chairs, car seat, paper towels, battery charger, car rims, and boxes. Rene won the locker for $1,800.

He continued his hot streak and won the next two storage units.

4th Storage Unit – $550
5th Storage Unit – $220

Rene opened the tool box. Delighted to see it packed with tools in great condition. ReneNezhoda-CaseyNezhoda-pet-grooming-table-SW-5-10 He also discovered several swords from sabre to medieval style.

The German however stumped when he put together a table. Casey examined it. Got it! Groom table for small pets. Rene brushed his hair with a pet brush.


Couple took the table to  Jeff, the “Fur Master.” He gave the table a once over. Study. Good quality.

Rene: You hang the dog right here?

Both Jeff and Casey stupified. No, Rene. You don’t “hang” pets. You hook their lease to the table. Sigh. Table valued at $600.

Darrell so far has won 3 Holy Grail storage units on the show.

Profit Scorecard:

Darrell Sheets: $75,250
Rene Nezhoda & Casey Nezhoda:  $3,840
Ivy Calvin: $1,155
Jarrod Schulz & Brandi Passante: $0

How much would you be willing to pay for that storage unit full of collectible toys?

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Barry’d Treasure: Batmobile

batmobile-BT-1-6Barry’d Treasure: Season 1, Episode 7: “Blackman and Robin.”

Barryweiss-kenny-BT-1-6Today’s adventure was in Barry’s own backyard; Los Angeles. His sidekick for the day; Kenny “The Praline King.”

The Collector

Barry visited his friend Gino, bonafide a toy collector. He l-o-v-e-d Kaiju, which means monster in Japanese. Kaiju are limited edition monsters and very collectible. Barry’s range of expertise as a collector did not reach into the toy arena. Totally clueless, but ready to deal.

Barry: I’m not really understanding anything he’s saying; and it’s not because of his accent.

Gino was to host a show at his toy art gallery. Barry wasn’t sure he could find what Gino was after. Kenny stepped up and said, “I got this one.” Kenny knew a guy.

The Hunt

Barry and Kenny ate barbeque first. Can’t deal on an empty stomach. Kenny knew a guy named Moon Jones. He was a true toy collector. Barry however was specific on the genre of toys:

Barry: Kaiju.
Kenny: God bless you.

Kenny provided the guy. Barry provided the ride. What was the ride?

The Batmobile.

batmobile-BT-1-6-bPerfect car to hunt toys. But it wasn’t comfortable.  Barry got stuck, a lot.

Barry drove to Moon’s home. He had a ton of superheroes collectibles like, everywhere. In the kitchen cupboard and inside the fridge.

It was an impressive collection, but no Kaiju.

Moon knew a guy named, “Super Cooper.” He was a Japanese monster collector.
Batmobile parked at the next stop. Uh, wait a minute. “Super Cooper” was a 14-year old boy?

Barry: This Super Cooper could be our man. Despite the fact that he’s not a man yet…you get the point.

Cooper did indeed collect Kaiju. He was however, unable to part with even one piece. Barry disappointed. Sigh.
Kid then mentioned he knew a guy named Karl, who also collected Kaiju.
Barry perked.

Barry: I hope this works. Because so far Kenny’s getting a “D” in deal making but an “E for” effort.

Barry thought a wardrobe change might bring bring them Barryweiss-kenny-shirts-BT-1-6 luck. He met David, his shirt tailor, in a back alley. Ooo… kay.

Barry changed shirts, as did Kenny.
Once again, they were on their way.
Next stop, Karl the Kaiju collector.

The Sale

Karl normally would not part with any of his collection. However, he had amassed huge credit card debt. Barry suggested Karl put together a few items he was less attached to; 25 pieces in the lot.

Barry offered $8,000. Karl wanted more. Barry countered with $12,000. Before Karl could answer, Kenny raised the offer to $15,000.

Barry: Note to self, my buddy’s negotiation skills need a bit of work.


Barry brought a few samples of Kaiju toys at Gino’s gallery. First, Barry had to parallel park the Batmobile.


Gino loved the samples and the photo on Kenny’s phone of the rest of the collection.

japanese-toys-BT-1-6He was not thrilled at the deal price, but he had to have the Kaiju. Sold!

Kenny came through for Barry.

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Barry’d Treasure: Oddballs

barryweiss-mikehammer-juniper-BT-1-7Barry’d Treasure: Season 1, Episode 6: “The Unbearable Enlightenment of Barry.”

barryweiss-mikehammer-BT-1-7Barry drove to Las Vegas, Nevada. He visited his friend Peter who would host an auction and needed a buyer for his advertising collectibles. Weiss up to the challenge to make a deal.

Barry: The whole thing with auctions is the right buyer’s got to be present; and sometimes you end up bringing the auction to the right buyer.

Barry asked Mike Hammer, a local magician, to come along for the adventure.

The Collector

Barry and his sidekick met Peter at the auction house. Peter needed to sell three Barangers; store-window mechanical animated advertising displays, rented to jewelers, produced from 1925 to 1959.

Peter wanted $18,000 for the lot. Baranger-BT-1-7Barry knew someone who collected Barangers.

But what’s in it for Barry?

The Hunt

Barry and Mike saw a classy woman in a car next to them at the light.

The show’s producer bet Barry he couldn’t get her number. Barry asked her out for coffee. She smiled. She waved. No, thanks.

Ouch, Barry.

Barry stopped in a small town near the Arizona border.
Call it Donkeyville.
Lots and lots of donkeys everywhere. barryweiss-mikehammer-juniper-trashcan-BT-1-7

Barry met a young woman who wanted to take a picture. Who doesn’t want a photo with Barry?

Apparently, this young-zen-flower-gal named Juniper. She asked Barry to take a photo of her hugging a trash can. Huh?

Barry: I’ve always attracted oddballs. It’s something that I like about myself. And this one just might be a keeper.

Juniper lived in Sedona, Arizona. Barry asked her if she wanted a ride. Don’t have to ask that trash-can-hugger twice for an adventure. Ooo, a sunset. Pull over. Juniper wanted to gaze at the sunset.

She told the men to inhale, exhale, and to talk to the voice in their heads.

Barry: Well voice in my head. You there? I’m talking to you, voice. You talk to me when I’m talking to you.

It takes an oddball to know an oddball.

They spent the night in Jerome, Arizona. Front desk clerk at the hohaunted-hotel-BT-1-7tel told them the place was haunted. Hotel was once a hospital and that 9,000 patients died there.

Mike total freak-out mode.

Barry: A magician? Afraid of ghosts? He’s just begging me to mess with him.

Two hours later the fun began. Barry had Juniper prank call Mike in the middle of the night. First call, scary noises. Second call, SCREAM!

All in good fun, for Barry.

Next day, time to say goodbye to Juniper as they dropped her off in Sedona.

Barry: She may be attuned with nature. But she sure isn’t picking up on how much I want to leave it.

The Sale

Barry took the mechanical animated displays to Michael Pollack.

Baranger-collection-BT-1-7Magician sidekick broke the ice with a little magic trick. Play time over. Time to wheel and deal. Pollack showed off his own Baranger collection; 130 pieces. Barry lathered the compliments.

Barry: My recipe for baking up a sale. Don’t skimp on the butter.

Barry presented the three Barangers he had and opened negotiations. Offer, 37,000. Pollack scoffed.

Counter offer $18,000. Peter would be happy, but again, what’s in it for Barry?

Barry: I’ve got one last trick up my sleeve. Looking him dead in the eyes… and lying.

Barry recountered at $28,000. No wiggle room. Pollack called his bluff.
Sold at $23,000.

What was in it for Barry?
Well, $5,000!
Not bad for an oddball adventure.

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Storage Wars: Rene a Woman?

ReneNezhoda-Casey Nezhoda-KimonoStorage Wars: Season 5, Episode 9: “Boom Goes the Dynamite?”

Laura Dotson, dressed in a robe, practiced her – “Remember folks to pay the lady” quip in front of a mirror. Where you ask? Inside her very posh bedroom.

Dan, dressed in a robe also, read the paper in bed. Those two live a comfortable life, but work like miners everyday. We give them props!

Auction held in Rene’s territory. He made sure everyone was aware. Darrell felt competitive. Ivy felt a little propriety of Murrieta after running across Ivy Street.

Brandi was felt low. Jarrod felt like having fun.

1st-unit-SW5-91st Storage Unit

Stereo, toy kitchen, DVDs, toy car, hangers, clothes, furniture, pocket bike, fishing pole, skate board, drum kit, bench, tools, camping gear, and boxes . Jarrod saw the pocket bike and was instantly sold on the unit. He won it for $1,300.

Brandi went through piles of junk while Jarrod tried every key in the locker on the pocket bike.

Brandi finally found the key. Jarrod turned it on. If worked, but the tires were flat, brakes didn’t work, and throttle busted. pocketbike-SW5-9Jarrod however was having fun.

The couple had the pocket bike repaired. Time for a little race at the Adams Motorsports Park.

Brandi: Get ready to eat my dust Jarrod!

My money’s on Brandi!

Voom! VooOM!

Jarrod was in the lead. Brandi closed in on him.


Brandi zoomed past! And she’s was the winner! (Or did he let her win, hmmm.)

2nd-unit-SW-5-92nd Storage Unit

Shovel, rake, vacuum, ladder, mini fridge, old computers, heaters, camping gear, and shredder. Rene and Darrell went head to head. But Darrell won the unit for $500.

Darrell: Rene backed off of this locker because he knows: Never get between a Papa Bear and his honey hole.

Darrell found a tool box, golf trophies, hard drives, watch, and pick ax. Brandon unpacked a camera and new sun glasses.

Brandon scored big when he found a mining box used to blow up dynamite.

Darrell: Dare I say this locker was exploding wimining-box-SW-5-9th profit.

Ugh. Work on your puns, Darrell.

Father and son took the mining box to an expert in old mining equipment. He dated the item to the late 19th century. Let’s check to see if it worked.

Darrell volunteered Brandon to place the dynamite. (Thanks, dad.) Darrell also volunteered Brandon to stand 10 feet from the explosion. Darrell, of course, stood way back.

Brandon pushed down the lever. Nothing happened. The dynamite was a fake.

The expert bemused that Brandon didn’t blink at the idea of being so near an explosion. Kidding aside, the mining box made Darrell and Brandon $800.

3rd-unit-SW-5-93rd Storage Unit

Furniture, paintings, tarps, plastic containers, and one really bad smell. Darrell raised the price then dropped the locker on Rene for $500.

The furniture was Asian inspired. There were clothes inside one of the dressers. Rene also found several garment bags. Casey beamed with excitement, instantly unzipped the bags.

Rene: Hey calm down tiger! All of a sudden you want to work?

The couple found three beautiful kimonos. Beautiful designs and very nicely made. Time to take them to be appraised by an expert in Japanese culture. kimono-SW-5-9

Rene took one look at the expert and his jaw dropped. The guy wasn’t a little Japanese man. He was a tall Caucasian. Expert told Rene he watched too much TV.

One of the kimonos was made for a woman when she turned twenty. The other two were wedding kimonos.

The length of the sleeves determined the type of kimono. Used, they were worth $1,000 altogether.

Before leaving, Rene wanted to know if the expert had any samurai armor to try on.

Rene: Do they come in big boy’s size?

No, Rene. Only in a warrior’s size.

Profit Scorecard:

Darrell Sheets: $2,440
Rene & Casey Nezhoda:  $890
Ivy Calvin: $0
Jarrod Schulz & Brandi Passante: LOSS -$1,200

Whose unit had the best merchandise?

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Storage Wars: Darrell won $1,000 from Rene

DarrellSheets-SW-5-8Storage Wars: Season 5, Episode 8: “Nuthin’ But a G Thang.”

Darrell played the drums in the garage. He, uh, wore guy-eye-liner. Kimber barged in and asked what he was doing thumping on the drums, badly at that. “The Gambler” was getting in touch with his creative side.

Ivy declared his money was trained. He tells it to sit and it don’t come out of his pockets until he wants it. Usually, it sits during an auction, or very little comes out of his pockets. We’ll see if he turns that around.

Jarrod was glad to be back to basics, which was to buy crap. Brandi disagreed. Jarrod stayed positive. She said only Jarrod could make closing the store into a good thing. Nice little “love-fist-tap” between them before the auction.

Darrell and Rene continued to lock horns. “The Gambler” egged Rene to make a $1,000 flip-the-coin bet. Rene had Dan Dotson flip a quarter. Darrell called “heads.” Yep, it was heads.

Rene: I don’t care about the $1,000 bucks, but I gave it to Darrell. That just sucks.

Lesson one, Rene – Never bet against “The Gambler.”

1st-unit-SW-5-81st Storage Unit

Fridge, deep fryer, food saw, grill, soda pop machine, stainless steel table, bowls, high chair, and ladder. Ivy saw any potential in the locker. Would his money talk for him?

Well, it would talk loudly because the price was over his usual cap. Former MMA champion won locker for $1,300.

Ivy: Now this right here is a beard. I’ve got it trained too, my beard and my money.

What does his beard have to do with money? Ivy called Steve, a restaurant equipment buyer, to look at the merchandise. The fridge was old. Slicer had missing parts. Grill rusted. Steve offered $400 for everything.

So much for obedient money.

2nd-unit-SW-5-82nd Storage Unit

Blankets, trash, go-cart, and boxes. Darrell won the unit for $300. He made sure Rene knew he was using his money. Ouch. Salt to the wound.

Darrell found a vacuum, new sewing machine, and Princess House crystal. Brandon worked out on a small an exercise machine.

Darrell’s unique find was an old life jacket from the Queen Mary. Name stenciled on back and date inside vest – 1962.

Darrell: Do you think it was on there when it hit the iceberg?
Brandon: That’s the wrong ship, bro.

Someone give Darrell a history book, please.

They found more Queen Mary items: candyQueen-mary-collectables-SW-5-8 tin, coasters, original napkin, menu, and program.

Father and son took the collectibles to the commander of the Queen Mary. He confirmed the life jacket was authentic. The candy tin dated after World War II. The entire lot valued at $500.

Darrell recreated the famous Titanic movie scene on the ship’s bow.

Still the wrong ship, bro.

3rd-unit-SW-5-83rd Storage Unit

Cedar chest, suit case, cooler, tarp, containers, trash, and boxes. Several people showed interest in this locker including Jarrod; but Rene took it for $1,300

Rene found boxes of dishes, stuffed animals, toys, papers, and VHS tapes. Ha! Laugh because when was the last time you saw a VHS movie?

Rene frustrated as each box delivered little value. However, one box was full of juggling equipment. Rene tried his hand at juggling. Don’t quit your day job, Rene.juggling-knives-SW-5-8

Couple took the equipment to Josh, a circus expert. Torches were good. Juggling rings were for kids. Knives were the most valuable items. Altogether, lot appraised at $800. However, that bet with Darrell placed Rene in the red.

Rene: I lost a thousand bucks to Darrell. I over spent on this unit. I was just juggling too many balls to make a profit.

Insert bad joke here.

Profit Scorecard:

Darrell Sheets: $1,598
Jarrod Schulz & Brandi Passante: $0
Ivy Calvin: LOSS-$900
Rene Nezhoda & Casey Nezhoda:  LOSS-$1,330

Would you have made a bet with Darrell for $1,ooo?

Please leave your insightful opinions in the comment box below.

Barry’d Treasure: Show Me the Monkey!

barryweiss-monkey-bt-1-5Barry’d Treasure: Season 1, Episode 5: “Show Me the Monkey.”

Barry had the perfect car for a road trip. Or the worst car. It was a 1955 Ford with a glass bubble top. It gave a great view of the country, but was sweltering in the heat. We call it the “Jetson Mobile.” Car of the future. Maybe.

The Collector

Barry stated that the dealer he was working for chose to remain anonymous. Dealer barryweiss-steve-BT-1-5gave Barry free reign to find something cool and one-of-a-kind.

Barry drove 13,000 miles from LA to Austin, Texas, to meet up with his friend Steve. He owned businesses all over Austin and knew the best collectors in town.

Barry: Just beautiful. My first Texas sunset. Let’s get out and smell it.

The Hunt

Barry told Steve he was looking for something really strange, really clever, cool, classic, timeless, elegant, and refined. Gladmr.monkey-BT-1-5 you’re not asking for the moon, Barry.

Steve was happy to help, but tonight he just wanted to grab a beer and tear it up. Barry was happy in oblige.

Barry: We’ve got tomorrow to worry about tomorrow.

The next day Barry and his new sidekick drove to meet Charles, a collector in Austin. Barry was very impressed by his museum quality collection.

Pristine antique guns. A carved turquoise native American bolo tie. The original wooden sculptures displayed as entrance to Coney Island. One of Napoleon’s dagger. One of General Custer’s original guns.

An animatronic monkey caught Barry’s eye. Put in smoke, wind it up, then it blows smoke through its mouth . Barry decided this was the item he had to acquire for the anonymous collector.

Barry: I actually think I’ve spotted the perfect item, but I really don’t like Charles prices. There’s got to be an angle I can work.

Barry wanted to know if there was anything to cut a deal. Chsultan-dagger-BT-1-5arles showed him a knife that once belonged to a Sultan. It was made of ivory and gold. It had an emerald in its hilt, right on the turban to be exact.

Charles said there was an emerald that had once been in a sultan’s turban. The emerald was owned by Don, a collector who lived nearby. If Barry could make a deal happen for the emerald, he’d get the monkey as commission.

Barry: How hard can it be to get an emerald from a stranger?

The Sale

That was NOT a small gem. It was an 800 karat emerald! Holy Cow!!!emerald-dagger-sultan-BT-1-5

Don wasn’t going to part with it easy. The man liked guns. Charles showed him a self-priming flintlock, beautifully engraved, and made in London.

Don also saw a rare Tiffany lamp worth about 1.5 million. Mongolian suit of armor. Wax figures of The Last Supper.

Don chose to swap the emerald for the gun because he was a true-blue gun collector.

Barry dropped his sidekick back at Austin. Then began the long drive to LA, alone with his monkey (that sounds so wrong on so many levels). Who was the anonymous collector who would acquire the monkey?

Barry Weiss!

Barry and Mr. Monkey lived happily ever after! (Again, that sounds so messed up on so many levels.) Which of the three collectors do you think got the better deal?

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Storage Wars: Jarrod & Brandi Close Store

Jarrod Schulz-SW-5-7Storage Wars: Season 5, Episode 7: “LBC U LTR.”

Jarrod finally decided to close his Long Beach store. He held a meeting with Brandi along with the staff. Some would keep their jobs. Others, well… not. Brandi stated that Jarrod held on to the store for a long as he could. Meeting adjourned. Employees took items out of the shelves to stock the Orange County store.

The beautiful graffiti wall was painted over in white. Closed sign placed on the door. It’s over. Sad day for Jarrod and Brandi.

Rene decided he was tired of dirty units. He was only bidding on clean lockers. Is there such a thing? Ivy frustrated at calls from home. Darrell wore a t-shirt advertising his new website. Advertisement always stated “Open 24/7. Brandi wondered what exactly was open 24/7.

Jarrod: He’s just saying his pants never close.

1st-unit-SW-5-71st Storage Unit

Fan, computer, wires, DVD player, towel, and boxes. Ivy wanted this locker because it was small and he could get home quickly. No one else showed much interest. Because it was junk! He won it for $150.

Ivy: At this rate, I’ll be sitting at thevelcro-suit-SW-5-7 dinner table before the stove even gets turned on.

Ivy found a bike rack, bike parts, action figure, motorcycle coveralls, bowling ball, and jewelry.

He also discovered Velcro suits used for a game to where the player jumps onto a Velcro wall. Ivy took suits to Stacy at the fun company. She appraised the items at $700.

Ivy test-drove a suit and thew his body onto the Velcro wall. That might have caused a small earthquake somewhere. One problem. He could not get off the wall. Where did Stacy go?

2nd-unit-SW-5-72nd Storage Unit

Picture frames, speaker box, tires, boxes, and a disgusting mattress. Bed bugs a definite no-go-no-bid for many. Rene however was not deterred and won for $725.

Rene found several Kiss Band dolls in their original boxes. Tons of action figures. He also found a Chucky doll and a Chucky’s bride doll. Rene was excited but Casey just found the dolls creepy.chucky-dolls-SW-5-7

Couple took the Chucky dolls to an expert. Rene held the Chucky doll and said:

Rene: Don’t kill me. I’m evil too. We are friends.

Oh, Rene. You need help on your jokes.

Rene with fingers crossed anticipated they were studio props. Expert found a manufacture’s tag. Dolls made after the film. As a pair, the dolls valued between $125-$150.

Laura Dotson let it slip to Rene that Jarrod’s Long Beach store had closed. Was that a smirk, Rene? Not cool. Dan Dotson took Laura aside and stated that was a secret. Oops. Too late. Rene without consideration approached Jarrod and asked him if he closed his store. Jarrod was not yet ready to reveal the truth.

This was not a classy move for Rene. At least Darrell knew to stay out of Jarrod’s business.

3rd-unit-SW-5-73rd Storage Unit

Action toys, stroller, safe, and lots of bags. Jarrod wanted the safe for the unit, but Brandi did not see value in the mess of a locker. Darrell won at $225.

Jarrod and Brandi left empty-handed. He did feel relieve that the cat was out of the bag on the closing of the Long Beach. Time for them to go home.

Time for Darrell and Brandon to dig through their locker. Father and son team found a scooter, bags full of shoes, roller skates, and a lamp. The safe had no treasure, though.

Darrell: This locker is making me all itchy and bitchy.

Darrell retrieved a big black case. He opened the top lid. Air brushing equipment which “The Gambler” thought it was for tattoos. Brandon thought it was for something else. air-brush-kit-SW-5-7 They took the case to Diana, a European body art expert.

Diana told them it was professional body art kit, top-of-the-line brand. Valued at $800. She tested the kit on Brandon. Sprayed his eyebrows and gave him a uni-brow. Fun-ny!

Profit Scorecard:

Rene Nezhoda & Casey Nezhoda: $4,400
Ivy Calvin: $1,150
Darrell Sheets: $890
Jarrod Schulz & Brandi Passante: $0

How did you feel about Jarrod and Brand closing their store?

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Barry’d Treasure: Ghost Busters

BarryWeiss-graveyardBarry’d Treasure: Season 1, Episode 4: “Birthday on the Bayou.”

BarryWeiss-Kenny-BT-1-4Barry was in New Orleans to help celebrate “The Praline King” Kenny grandma’s 101 birthday bash. The party wasn’t until later that night. Barry and Kenny decided to enjoy a fun-filled New Orleans day.

The Collector

Barry had two goals. One, find a present for grandma. Two, get inside the secret room of an upscale antique store. What is so special about the collectibles inside this room? Who knows? Only a few select (or should I say elite few) were allowed entrance. secret-door-BT-1-4

Barry sent Kenny into the antique store to scope the place. Kenny wore a receiver in his ear and a camera in his coat. The antique dealer showed Kenny artwork, snooker tables, music boxes, and silver. Kenny however was not allowed in back room.

The Hunt

Barry needed an item of interest to get him into that secret room. He brought an antique medical device used for smoke enemas. Gives a whole new meaning to – Blowing Smoke Up Your Ass!

Back in the day tobacco smoke was thought to have healing properties. Tell that to the Surgeon General today.  It was a very collectible piece (so rare, seen only in books). Barry thought this smoke enema would be the key to get inside that secret room.

But first, a present for Kenny’s grandma! Probably shouldn’t give her the smoke gadget.

Duo split up to hunt. Kenny looked in stores while Bsmoke-enema-BT-1-4arry consulted a psychic. She told him he was kind, generous, opinionated, and meant to be the father of three kids.

Barry: I have two. Is there one I should know about?

You tell us, Barry!

Psychic did not “know” what to give a 101 year-old woman. Barry asked Kenny’s uncle Donald for gift ideas. Donald was clueless.

Barry: Celeste is 101. She abused the gift of life.

Barry drove past a graveyard. Kenny spooked out of his mind and body. Barry decided to stop and help Kenny face his fears. Kenny anxious not to step foot inside that old cemetery. They walked around a bit. Kenny thought he saw something move. Let’s say Barry wasn’t that easily spooked. However, he wasn’t keen on staying long either.

Back to the gift hunt. Then the car broke down. Kenny thought a ghost jumped in the car. Barry fiddled under the hood. Kenny prayed. Barry turned the ignition. Car started.

Who you gonna call? Barry’s Ghost Busters!

Barry: He may have been praying, but I turned the key. We’ll call it a team effort.

It was time to head back to the antique store. Barry arrived in a Royal Royce. He showed the antique dealer his smoke enema. Did the antique dealer know what it was at first sight? Yep! That’s why they are a unique and high-end antique dealership.

The Success

The antique dealer was very interested in the antique medical device. He wanted to know the value. Barry’s answer? A peek inside the secret room

Agreed! Barry and Kenny went behind closed doors.brass-band-BT-1-4

Barry: Sorry but cameras aren’t allowed inside. Hey, I never said that you guys would get into the secret room.


Next stop, Grandma’s party. Barry greeted grandma and unveiled his present. A brass band! Dixie music, of course.

What rare collectibles do you think were behind the secret room?

Please leave your insightful opinions in the comment box below.

Storage Wars: Can You Hear Jaws?

BrandiPassante-SW-5-6Storage Wars: Season 5, Episode 3: “For a Good Time Call…Ivy.”

Darrell honked at Rene on the drive to auction. Today’s lesson for Brandon: Physiological Warfare. Ivy decided today was going to be about having fun and messing with the others.

What is it with these players today?

Brandi talked Jarrod that maybe it was time to close Long Beach store. Jarrod wanted to save it by buying a good locker.

1st-Unit-SW-5-61st Storage Unit

Bed set, Legos, suitcase, nightstand, dresser, ice chest, trash bags, and boxes. Ivy and Darrell about to bid war. Ivy used a little psychology himself. He told the security guard Darrell, who was riddled with tattoos, was a drug dealer. Security guard then distracted Darrell. Ivy won the locker for $275.

Ever notice how Ivy hardly pays much for a room? Bottom feeder.

Ivy found a sleeping bag, books, Play Station console, memory card, controller, DVDs, and a phone.

The telephone had a voice transformer along with DVDs for prank calls. He took thetelephone-voice-transformer-SW-5-6 device to a professional prank caller. Is there such a profession and where can we all sign up? Prankster showed Ivy how the machine could alter a voice to sound like a woman or robot.

The machine in very good condition valued at $500.

Ivy: Forget about calling the pizza man, just deliver my $500.

2nd-Unit-SW-5-62nd Storage Unit

Vintage ham radios, bike, washer, shelves, shocks, old computer parts, hard hat, bottles, and flight jacket. Darrell had Brandon use some “physiological warfare” on the competition. It sounded more like a meet-and-greet time. Rene won the unit for $1,300.

Inside the locker, Rene found a thermo energy measurement device, more ham radios, old computers, multiple testing equipment, and earphones.

Unique items were meteorites. rock-SW-5-6

The couple took the meteorites to Alan, an expert at UCLA. Some of the rocks were not from space, but rocks formed from the impact of a meteor. A few of the rocks possibly a few million years old.

Rene: I don’t need college. I went to the school of hard rocks…knocks? Meteorites?

Majority of the collection were too small for any real value. The large rock appraised at $1,000.

3rd-Unit-SW-5-63rd Storage Unit

Huge fish tank, pool pump, tools, wagon, vacuum, and lots of boxes. Jarrod really wanted this locker. Ivy rose the bid and dumped the locker on Jarrod who won at $3,000. Ouch!

Brandi was NOT happy.

Jarrod: I spent three grand on this unit. But it’s a small price to pay if I can save Long Beach and prove Brandi wrong.

You should know by now Jarrod, Brandi is never wrong. The couple found a drill, pet carrier, pool heater, raft and motor, back massager, glass octopus figurine, and sex toys. Ew!

Brandi opened a case to find a type of fish tracking device. The couple took it ocean-tracking-device-SW-5-6to Josh Jones, a researcher at an aquarium, to appraise the item.

Josh explained that the device was used to listen to sea creatures communicate underwater. It was missing the transmitter, but Josh had one and attached it to the device. He placed the transmitter inside a shark tank.

Jarrod and Brandi heard sounds of fish and stingrays. They even heard “Jaws;” well, not the real Jaws, but sharks in the tank. Very cool device however it was an older model valued at $300.

Not enough to save the Long Beach store.

Profit Scorecard:

Rene & Casey Nezhoda: $1,560
Ivy Calvin: 450
Darrell Sheets: $0
Jarrod Schulz & Brandi Passante: LOSS -$176

Do you think it’s time for Jarrod to throw in the towel and close the store?

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Storage Wars: King Darrell Reigns Supreme

DarrellSheets-SW-5-5Storage Wars: Season 5, Episode 5: “The Return of the King of Montebello.”

Ivy hired someone to manage his store. Less stress he thought as he bought storage units. Rene not pleased to return to the same facility where his hired help backed his truck into a gate. Darrell proclaimed himself “King of Montebello.” Yes, he even wore a crown.

Brandi arrived solo. She drove her own truck. Now that was sexy! Jarrod arrived with his own truck for the Long Beach store. Two trucks. Same family. Not practical, but fun to watch.

1st-unit-SW-5-51st Storage Unit

Princess House crystal boxes, containers, plastic bags. Everyone bid on the locker, but Rene won it for $725.

The Princess House boxes all had crystal inside. Rene found stilettos and fancy underwear in another box. Don’t ask, we’re not.

Rene got very excited when he discovered a stripper pole.stripper-pole-SW-5-5

Rene: Whatever we have to endure to find out what this is worth; I think we’ll just have to suffer through it.

Rene wanted to go to a stripper club for appraisal. Over Casey’s dead body. They went to a dance studio instead. The instructor showed them how to put it together and taught Casey a few dance, pole moves. Best unit ever for Rene.

The pole was only worth $200-$300. Rene decided they’d just keep it. Wishful thinking, German.

2nd-unit-SW-5-52nd Storage Unit

Office chair, DVDs, leather suitcase, plastic containers, play mobile, Star Wars toys, Legos, toy car, and action figures. Rene and Darrell once again bid war but it was “King Darrell” who won it for $2,800.

This was a nerd haven locker. A Batmobile car toy, a Phantotoys-SW-5-5m car, tons of Star Wars toys and actions figures of Andre the Giant, Rob Zombie, Hulk, Spiderman, Captain America, and Thor. Plus a ton of comic books. Like I said, Nerd Haven.

Darrell set up all the toys in his warehouse on a forty-foot table.  He had a toy expert come to look at everything. All told, the toys and comics were appraised at  $40,000.


Darrell: Now I’m the king of Montebello and Toy Land!

3rd-unit-SW-5-53rd Storage Unit

Leather couch, cooler, purse, heater, spade, tool box, speakers, propane fuel, and air conditioner. Brandi really wanted this unit. So did Ivy. But a phone call from his new employee distracted Ivy. Brandi won the locker for $900.

Jarrod might not have liked the unit, but he happily helped Brandi sort through it. Now that’s love or an irritation. You decide.

The couple found a radio, a raft, an outdoor cooker, survival food, and a stuffed animal of a monkey. Inside a plastic container, Brandi found a deer’s head, some chicken bones, and weird voodoo items. Creepy!

Brandi wondered if maybe the items had been used for sacrificing virgins.

Jarrod: I feel like that’s kind of a waste.

Jarrod and Brandi took the most interevoodoo-flute-SW-5-5sting of the voodoo items to a specialist. He told them it was from New Guinea and that it was a sacred flute. When the sound came out of the flute, it was believed it was the voice of an ancestral spirit.

While some similar pieces had been sold in the past for as much as much as $2 million; this piece was more of a souvenir valued at $150.

Profit Scorecard:

Darrell Sheets: $37,000
Ivy Calvin: $0
Jarrod Schulz & Brandi Passante: LOSS -$180
Rene Nezhoda & Casey Nezhoda: LOSS -$345

Do you think Brandi and Jarrod would do better to combine forces?

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